Shipping Plants and Flowers: How to Cope with Possible Difficulties

Nowadays you can hardly name an item that can’t be shipped. Yet, if it takes only a few hours to organize the shipment of such things as household items, books, or construction materials, you should be ready to face difficulties when shipping plants or flowers.

Not only people who are moving are interested in proper FTL or LTL delivery options. The plant and flower industry is booming these days. And if private clients are able to organize the self-delivery (which is the best solution for this type of cargo, by the way), entrepreneurs can’t do this for a number of reasons. First of all, they deal with huge amounts of articles. Secondly, they are unlikely to create proper shipping conditions.      

There are several crucial aspects you should consider when organizing the transportation of the plants and flowers:

  • Prepare your greenery for transportation.

For florets, any transportation is stressful. Your task is to make it as moderate as possible. Thus, the greater part of the greenery is best shipped bare roots. It’s also necessary to water them before packaging.  

  • Proper packaging is a must. 

All the elements should be placed in the boxes. It’s of prime importance to pick up the right choice for each box. It should be barely larger than the greenery you want to transport.  

Do not forget to place tags “Fragile” on all the boxes. It will help to minimize the possible damages. It’s also a good idea to use caution for the florets. For these purposes, you can use packing peanuts, crumpled-up pieces of paper, or any other packing materials you possess.   

  • Select the most optimal mode of transportation.

It’s better to transport florets via trucks. Yet, it’s better to prefer FTL mode while the chances to damage the content are minimal. Yet, if the financial issue is of prime importance, it’s necessary to secure containers with vines and flowers. It’s also necessary to make up the most optimal route with minimal numbers of stops. 

  • Pay attention to the temperature conditions.

Every type of flora has its peculiar temperature and humidity requirements. When it comes to a wide selection of different clusters, it’s clear that it’s impossible to create the needed conditions for each group. Yet, you are to create the most optimal possible conditions. Otherwise, florets are unlikely to survive the trip. 

The best way to cope with all the challenges connected with plant and flower transportation is to find a proper forwarding company. The assortment of available variants is awesome. It’s up to you to select the forwarder that meets your desires, expectations, and budget. Experienced brokers are ready to help you to make the process of shipping as simple and trouble-free as possible.

To conclude, it should be noticed that shipping live plants and flowers is not an easy but accomplishable task. Modern technologies allow you to transport your favorite vines far away without damaging them. It’s only necessary to pick up a proper forwarder who possesses all the needed capacities, skills, and knowledge to complete your order.