Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Security for Vacant Property: 4 Essential Things to Do to Keep Your Investment Safe

In 2020, around 10% of the houses in the US were vacant. This figure reflects second homes and vacation homes as well as uninhabitable houses.

You might own vacant properties for the same reasons or you might be renovating one home while living in another. But the fact remains that all vacant houses are magnets for criminals and desperate homeless people. 

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to increase security for vacant property like yours. Not sure what they are? Then read on to discover the top security for vacant buildings tips to keep your investment secure!

1. Change and Reinforce the Locks

You don’t need anyone telling you to lock the doors and windows before you leave your vacant property. But if you want better security for vacant property, you need the best locks possible.

Install an extra deadbolt lock and change the main locks to every outside door. You should do this whenever you buy a new house because you never know who the previous owner gave keys to. 

If you have glass on your exterior doors, cover them (on the inside) with wood so they are harder to break. You can install door jammers too.

2. Get To Know Your Neighbors

One of the best ways to increase vacant property monitoring is to ask your neighbors to be vigilant. Introduce yourself to everyone who can see your property from their windows. Give them your name, contact information, tell them the property is vacant, and ask them to call if they see anyone entering your property.

Propertyinsurancehq.com says that trespassers can sue you if they get injured on your property. Having neighbors who will contact you if they see someone breaking into your property could save you a lot of money and stress.

3. Invest in Video and Movement Alarms

Don’t have many neighbors or are not sure if you can rely on them to be adequate security for property that you own? Invest in an alarm system and security cameras.

You can use old-school home alarm systems where you need to enter a code upon entering. But you could also invest in a doorbell that alerts your smartphone whenever the motion sensors activate.

This will allow you to see anyone that is attempting to break into your property via video. These high-tech doorbells act as a deterrent and could lower your vacant property insurance too.

4. Make the Property Look Lived-In

Adequate vacant property management means checking into your property from time to time. If you live in the local area, you should visit at least once a week. If you don’t, pay someone local to make regular inspections.

You should also make the property look like someone is living there as much as you can. Maintain the lawn, put lights on, move the mail, and draw the upstairs curtains.

That’s How To Increase Security for Vacant Property

Properties are expensive investments. Investing in top-level security for vacant property like yours is essential. And now you know all the ways you can deter criminals from destroying your house, you will be able to sleep a lot better at night

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