Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nurali Aliyev – Mission Of Safeguarding Snow Leopard’s And Their Environment

As a philanthropist and businessman from Kazakhstan, Nurali Aliyev is devoted to the cause of protecting the endangered snow leopard. Founder of the non-profit Snow Leopard Foundation, he donates and raises a significant amount of money to preserve the species and their habitats.

Born in 1985, 38-year-old Aliyev was brought up in a family that raised him to respect and appreciate the environment. As a result, he grew up feeling an obligation to protect and advocate for animals and the ecosystem they depend on, specifically for snow leopards. 

In 2018, Aliyev formed the Snow Leopard Foundation with the mission of safeguarding the species and their environment. The foundation attempts to bring issues into the light of the species’ predicament and to create and execute preservation strategies. Likewise, it attempts to diminish the conflict between civilization and the natural wildlife’s domain to ensure the protection of the snow leopard and its domicile. 

The Snow Leopard Foundation works with various partners, including government offices, preservation associations, and local community networks. Aliyev is involved with all parts of the organization’s efforts, from raising money to daily operations and growth. He likewise often visits the snow leopard’s territories to observe them in their natural habitat. 

To support the efforts of the non-profit, Aliyev has worked with various stakeholders, including the Kazakhstani government and both global and private sector donors. In addition, he has led fundraising campaigns to support the protection of snow leopards. These campaigns have proven to be very successful. The funds raised have allowed the organization to buy land for snow leopard habitats and to develop other conservation projects.

Outside of the Snow Leopard Foundation, Aliyev has engaged in other initiatives to support the environment. For example, he contributes to the Global Tigers Initiative with the goal to increase the wild tiger population by doubling its current number.

Aliyev’s commitment to the protection of snow leopards and their habitat is honorable. His vigorous work has empowered his organization to gain critical headway in preserving the snow leopard and its territory. The establishment’s work has been commended by various associations, including the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global Tiger Initiative. Aliyev’s enthusiasm for preserving snow leopards is inspirational. His efforts exemplify how passion, hard work, and devotion to environmental obligations can garner results and make a difference to something so seemingly out of reach as the snow leopard. 

Aliyev’s dedication to the snow leopard’s cause is complemented by his successful career as an entrepreneurial visionary and investor. Nurali Aliyev is a shareholder in Capital Holding JSC, a company with an impressive 25 companies within its diversified investment portfolio that encompasses a variety of markets. Furthermore, he established Capital Holding LLC, in which he also holds shares. This LLC delivers IT services to corporations via its 12 subsidiary branches. They offer enterprise software solutions, business processes, cloud solutions, data centers, big data, hardware distribution, fiber optic innovation, and software and hardware production to corporations. Aliyev likewise is a shareholder in one of the biggest Kazakhstan communications suppliers, Transtelecom JSC, a company that specializes in telecom.

Snow leopards have not shown that they are aggressive with people, which doesn’t provide them with any added protection against poachers and other threats in their Central Asian mountainous habitat. The Snow Leopard Foundation works to stop the poachers who also hunt the primary prey source for the snow leopard: wild goats and sheep. Hunting these animals diminishes the food supply for the snow leopard, which then further complicates their ability to thrive in their natural habitats. Snow leopards are killed for their fur, teeth, bones, and organs, despite the fact that laws protect them due to their endangered status. Additionally, mining and development in the region of their habitats are also slowly killing these animals. Environmental factors are also affecting the species. For instance, the three-degree temperature increase in the Tibetan plateau area, where over 50% of the population live, continues to thwart the snow leopard’s livelihood.

Aliyev’s deep-rooted background and impressive profession make him a strong voice for the snow leopard. He and his wife are able to generously support the Snow Leopard Foundation in its quest to save the last 5,000 to 7,000 snow leopards still alive. With the help of philanthropic efforts such as Aliyev’s, snow leopards have a fighting chance of no longer being on the endangered list.