Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Neuromarketing – What it is and how it can benefit your business

Big brands like Amazon, Booking, and Netflix know very well why they do what they do.

They know what step to take and how it will benefit them.

There is no surprise then if they are always on the top of the market, and manage to constantly grow furthermore.

Is that because they are lucky?

No, it is not because of that, and I am sure you knew this before reading this article.

They know that results in terms of brand awareness and sales don’t come by accident. They know that it’s all about having an efficient strategy based on deep market and target audience’s knowledge.

It’s as simple as this. The more you get to know about your market and your ideal customers, the more efficient your digital marketing strategy becomes.

Yes, no luck. Just everything planned specifically to take their target audience to take the designed steps through their sales journey.

And what is the add-on that they use to empower, even more, their strategy?

Psychology science.

Wow, psychology science, and how is it supposed to be used alongside marketing – you may think.

Well, what you have to imagine is that marketing and sales always go together with psychology.

It is all a game of persuading your audience to trust your business and buy from you.

It’s all about empathy.

And what’s the best way to empathise with someone?

It’s by knowing them very well, deep inside; not only the way they look like, but mainly what they think, expect, behave, and overall, how they feel.

So, psychology science uncovers those driving emotions that make them behave the way they do.

And big brands know this very well.

They actually use psychology to empower their strategy and communication through techniques that, once applied to marketing, get called Neuromarketing.

So, what is exactly neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the marketing and communication area that uses neuropsychology to researching the market and the target audience, studying your ideal customers’ behaviour and cognitive responses to specific stimulations.

Neuromarketing basically wants to uncover the reason why consumers make purchasing decisions and what influences them to then apply this information to your marketing and communication strategy.

This means that it is able to make your marketing strategy and campaigns more efficient and effective, reducing the chances of product and campaign failures, and ultimately generate an emotional consumer engagement, which means leading a higher percentage of them to trust and love the business.

So, neuromarketing allows businesses to plan a strategy based on what leads their ideal clients to behave the way they do and influence positively their purchase decision-making.

Now I am sure you can see why companies like Amazon and Netflix use neuromarketing and why they get the success they get.

However, there is something that you have to bear clearly in mind; these techniques, to be truly efficient and deliver high results, must be supported by a deep audience analysis. Uncovering your ideal clients’ deeply hidden behavioural patterns and emotions is what will determine the use of specific neuromarketing techniques and the avoidance of others.

Each technique stimulates specific emotions and, depending on the best driving emotions for your ideal clients, you will want to use those techniques which stimulate those specific emotions.

This is critical if you Neuromarketing to deliver high results.

How can you get efficient Neuromarketing for your business?

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