Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Is Your Vintage Tech Worth Money? A Niche Collectors Trend

Decluttering is an art form. Over time, it is all too easy to let things that were once significant to you collect dust in a corner. This is especially true of electronics, as they are often difficult to throw away or recycle.

Which may be a good thing. If you have a collection of old tech parts and machines, vintage tech collectors could line your pockets with some extra cash. For example, a vintage Apple computer recently sold for over nine hundred thousand dollars at auction.

Before you part with any old tech you have, read our article. We will explore some of the most valuable old electronics that vintage tech hunters are looking for.

Gaming Consoles

Nostalgia dominates the market of vintage tech. Those who are seeking to capture a piece of their childhood will pay big bucks for gaming consoles. Nintendo products, including the NES, SNES, and 64 consoles, plus a variety of gaming cartridges, are very desirable items.

The odd Atari and ColecoVision systems are also collectibles, but Nintendo’s early models are certainly the most popular. Nintendo 64 cartridges like Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 can fetch a pretty penny. And are worth even more if they are in original boxes.

Some individuals already own consoles but need to replace parts. Aria Sourcing helps to find electronic parts. So even if old consoles do not work, there may still be some value in their working parts.

Old School Computers

Original Macintosh desktops and the Jupiter Ace are highly desirable to vintage tech collectors. These computers may not have much value in the workplace, but their charm and their originality give them a decent price tag.

Depending on the condition, these computers can go for a thousand dollars or more. Some models can even fetch a price of five thousand dollars or more.

Classic iPods

Apple has always been at the head of innovation, and iPods are no exception. 

Although they are largely obsolete in the wake of smartphones, the original iPod can fetch a good price. Some have sold for five hundred dollars at auction, some at even higher prices.

Owning an original piece of Apple technology is enough inspiration for vintage tech collectors to go to great lengths to obtain one. If you have an original iPod from your childhood or something left behind by your children, you may be able to get some extra money for it.


If you thought cassettes were out of fashion, think again.

The Walkman is one of the most popular items that tech hunters are after. These portable cassette players fazed out of popularity with the rise of CDs (and the subsequent Discman). But cassettes and cassette players have been given new life on the vintage tech market.

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