Is it practical to save on construction payroll?

A payroll is a tool the companies use to compensate their employees. How much is your company using in periodically settling labor-related expenses? Workers’ wages have a direct impact on the relationship between the employees and the company. Payroll determines how the company complies with regulations regarding the country’s tax. Let us find out ways in which a firm can save on construction payroll.

A company can save through outsourcing the construction payroll process. The payroll for builders does not work like a typical payroll. For instance, employees don’t work in a single location. Furthermore, workers may not receive their wages for two straight weeks because they have no assignments to undertake. A contractor will require someone to gather time-sheet data for entry into the payroll system. Accounting staff may have a hard time dealing with the ever-changing payment cycle.

  1. Outsourcing the payroll reduces direct expenses used in processing the payroll.
  2. It’s cost-effective for small and medium-sized firms
  3. CIS payroll experts help in cutting down the risk related to payroll mistakes. A blunder can make a company incur penalties.
  4. It saves contractors time to research changes in regulations.
  5. A CIS payroll provider of payroll for buildersaddresses the following complexity reports.

  • Construction reporting
  • Integration with an accounting software
  • Multiple states, pay rates, localities.
  1. Integrating automated timekeeping on the site 

Integrating automated timekeeping on the site can save the employer a significant amount of money by eliminating employee tendencies like an early-punch-in, an extended break, or laziness. A company can use mobile apps with GPS tracking to identify an employee’s location. Automated timekeeping reduces administrative costs due to labor costs.

  1. Employee shift schedules

A construction company with massive projects and a sizeable crew requires the services of a CIS Payroll Company. It is time-consuming to use a spreadsheet application for scheduling the employees. Inconsistency in shifts can increase operating costs in a construction company when some employees work for extended hours and varied positions. Before processing payroll within the payroll utility, the CIS Payroll expert has to set up the payroll schedules required. The CIS payroll company establishes a pay schedule for all employees.

  1. Report options that contracts expect from a construction payroll

  • Job labor reports
  • Certified construction payroll reports
  • Union reporting helping to track contractors in unions
  • Workers compensation


The employer in the construction industry is responsible for making salary payment a seamless procedure for its employees. A business owner can speak directly to a construction payroll expert today to learn how to save on labor-related costs. Organizing a proper shift gives an employee a sense of responsibility and makes them understand when to come in and when to leave the project site.