How to Make a Business Flyer That Stands Out: 10 Expert Tips You Need to Know

A constant aspect of any business, advertising, can breathe new life into a customer base and help a brand to reach a larger audience.

A staple of marketing for generations, business flyers are still one of the best ways to reach customers instantly. As with any advertisement, there is always a chance it goes unnoticed.

A good design on a flyer can mean the difference between bringing in new business and all that effort to waste. If you have an eye-popping design on your business flyer, your odds of capturing new customers dramatically increase.

For the 10 best business flyer tips around, continue reading!

  1. Information To Include

While you should pay close attention to your flyer’s design, don’t let style overtake substance.

Your company name should preferably be on the flyer multiple times. Most brands have a logo and a company phrase or motto; include these as well.

Make sure you include your contact information, such as your address, phone number, website, and social media platforms.

  1. Focus on the Headline

A user will normally choose to either engage with your business flyer or reject it in the first few seconds they see it. During that time, the only thing they may consume is the flyer headline.

This means you need to put a higher focus on the headlines of the flyer, both informationally and design-wise. In most cases, a headline is too small rather than too large.

It may seem counterproductive to disperse so much space on your business flyer to a short headline that will always be a quick snapshot of your whole message. But when considering how quickly the average person consumes advertisement, this is the best course of action.

  1. How Many Sections?

One of the biggest decisions in the production of business flyers is determining how many sections, columns, or grids to use. By separating your information, you make the information easier to digest while giving it a professional look.

Some of the most common formats used to break information up include four symmetrical squares or columns. Many opt for a 2 or 3 column system that comes out looking somewhat like a newspaper.

  1. More On Business Flyer Sections

For more adventurous designs, sections can be broken up in a uniform way, such as diagonally. While this may be distracting for some, this might help your flyer stand out and make it more appealing.

You have to avoid creating too many sections, which could be a huge negative both in stylistic appeal and the use of too much information. To avoid too many sections, use bullet points or have a complete paragraph for each section.

  1. A Fresh Writing Style

A sure-fire way to engage your audience is to have a writing style and voice that stands out. The tone should match your business, product, and brand.

To write in a more unique and fresh way, try incorporating more emotion and using experiences as a springboard. If you have a strong voice, no matter the desired tone, your writing will stand out.

  1. Avoid Too Much Color

You work hard to have your flyer stand out and pop during development, using various design tricks like multiple colors. But sometimes, too much color can be a major negative.

Coloring within fonts of text should never be more than a few different variances. The colors you choose should never be too contradictory. Emotions of your business flyer are established partly through the colors and shade that you use.

If you use too many colors, your message will become too varied and will be completely lost.

  1. Keep It Simple

Overall, the value in your flyer is in the words and the message. The business flyer style is a huge factor, but it should not overtake the actual message being portrayed.

If a flyer is too simple, it may not stand out. But if it is too complicated, it will not be relatable or approachable.

  1. Avoid the Edges

You have probably heard to avoid the edges with important information and any form of text. It would be best if you actually aimed never to have any part of the design, logo, or graphics near the edge.

One likely reason to avoid the edges is due to printing. You are allowing yourself some margin for error by coincidentally steering clear of the margins.

But another reason is for aesthetic purposes. The eye is drawn to the center area of the flyer.

  1. What’s the Point?

After you have neared completion of a new business flyer design, you need to ask yourself this question. Why should someone who picks up the flyer care?

More so than establishing a motive, the best business flyer designs will immediately trigger the reader to act upon the ad. This is executed with a call to action. The call to action should be located near the bottom of the flyer.

  1. Use a Printing Service

Once you understand how to design a business flyer, you have to focus on dispersing and distributing them. The best business flyers ultimately are the ones that are widely distributed throughout your target market.

When putting out printed flyers, you need to set them in areas with a lot of foot traffic. There are many options for printing, but you need a reliable brand with a proven track record. For a top-notch printing service, click here.

Master Your Business Flyer

No matter what direction you decide to go in for your business flyer, as long as you keep your customer in mind, you’ll succeed.

If you style your flyer correctly, it will capture the viewer’s attention for several minutes while still spending a message to those who only glance at it. For more articles on finance and business, check out the rest of our blog!