Is Interior Designing a Good Job?

The world of employment looks a lot different since the onset of Covid. Around 4 million people quit their jobs each month, and around 44 percent of people are currently job seekers, regardless of employment status.

For many, it’s purely an economic decision. They want more money for their efforts. For others, though, the decision is about wanting to find a new career path.

IT is attractive for those with a technical bent of mind. Creative types ask questions like, “Is interior designing a good job?”

If you’ve been asking that question, keep reading for a breakdown of interior design and whether it’s a good career path.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design occupies a middle ground between interior decorating and architecture. Interior design focuses on things like room color, fabric decisions, and furniture selection. Architecture focuses on the building itself, such as the materials used, overall layout, and building systems.

Interior design looks at an indoor space and the ways you can incorporate architectural elements to achieve an overall effect. For example, interior design can help you direct foot traffic with where you place things inside the space.

Education Requirements

Unlike interior decorators, interior designers must complete a college degree at either the associate or bachelor’s level. These programs cover topics ranging from color theory to basic architectural training. Some common elements include:

  • Lighting theory
  • 3D Models
  • Computer-assisted design
  • Acoustics

If you plan on making a career out of interior design, a bachelor’s degree will likely serve you best. If you want to try it out, an associate’s degree can help you get a foot in the door.

Working Life

Your working life will vary considerably from project to project. In some cases, you might work with a client who has just completed a new building and want to set it up for a specific purpose. In other cases, you may work with clients who want a complete overhaul of an existing space.

You should work hard on developing your soft skills, as client interaction is a major part of your job. You’ll also need some marketing chops. You can learn more about getting good clients by listening to marketing focuses podcasts. Check out this episode as a good example.

Is Interior Designing a Good Job?

Interior design is a good job, as long as you accept some caveats. There is a heavy creative element to the job, so you’ll need a good imagination. It’s a job that requires a lot of client interaction which demands good communication skills.

Interior Designing and You

With so many people looking for a career change, it’s not a surprise that some of them might wonder is interior designing a good job. Since it comes with some education requirements, you might discover that you must return to school before you can start.

You’ll need at least passable computer and math skills to master the essential material of some of the coursework. For creative types with those skills or aptitudes, though, it can prove a good job.

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