Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Activate Business Intelligence with PBRS

General George S. Patton is credited with having once said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Anyone who has run a successful business for a reasonable length of time can attest to that struggle. Solving real problems for people is essential to business success. Yet, it can take all of your mental focus and energy to realize the solutions your customers need and expect.

With PBRS for Power BI, your efforts and energy can remain focused on the highest priorities—customers and outreach—and not the mundane, repetitive tasks with the four walls of your office. 

When it comes to practical, precise business strategies, data is vital. Client care becomes more customer-specific and targeted with this powerful tool. Having data-driven insight at a person’s fingertips (or computer screen) ensures that each member of your workforce has a clear vision and objectives as they move into their business day. Accuracy is critical to making the most of their valuable time.

Power BI Gets To The Crux of What Your Clients Need 

Business intelligence is the critical component in the drive to be agile, competitive, and effective. However, as businesses grow, it becomes challenging to manage increasing amounts of data. Harnessing and disseminating BI is a game changer. The insights you gain with Power BI help your operation to become more efficient, making better business decisions. Understanding the specific areas in your business where you need to focus will become evident from using this versatile tool.

1. Easily integrates with existing enterprise applications

Power BI integrates easily with over 100 business applications and allows you to pull critical data from the sources that have important data from your customers and staff. This capability is enabled because Power BI is a data visualization tool that allows you to use a graphical interface to create visualizations. It uses sources like CSV, TSV, and other flat files, SQL databases, and even online sources through Rest APIs.  Essential daily tools become your most valuable asset.

2. Personalized reports and dashboards

Power BI features a broad range of visual data depictions that can help stakeholders quickly capture insights that will allow them to quickly act. Dashboards are customizable, providing precise insights for team members and unified experiences across your organization.

3. Secure data distribution

With Power BI Reports Scheduler (PBRS) for Power BI by ChristianSteven Software, reports can appear in the inbox of your team members through the automated scheduling tool. PBRS integrates with Windows Authentication and can be set to deliver reports automatically and trigger based on preset event parameters. 

4. Cloud speeds up data delivery

Because Power BI is cloud-based, it scales as it is used. Cloud speeds up delivery and is essential for high bandwidth application performance like image sharing across your enterprise. Further, Power BI is now available in three different cloud environments: US, Germany and China. 

Each has the same levels of security, privacy, compliance, and transparency as the global version of Power BI. They also combine the required unique model for local regulations on service delivery, data residency, access, and control.

With data privacy compliance standards reaching an all-time high, having the Power BI for your geolocation ensures your global population securely receives the data it needs in the right format on time.

5. Real-time data distribution

Businesses not using data analytics and business intelligence to drive decisions may be operating with blind spots that the competition might not have. Data helps you understand answers to the toughest problems that are right in front of them, buried inside the data being poured into their business every day.

6. Easy to use with minimal training

Most business users are up and running the first day with Power BI and PBRS. ChristianSteven has a wide array of training resources dedicated to getting its scheduler tool in operation quickly.

  • Help Center & Knowledge Base is designed to help your operation get PBRS up and running right away. This is true for Power BI, Crystal Reports and Intellifront.
  • If your team is simply too busy to undertake the transition process, ChristianSteven has a team of experienced consultants dedicated to walking you through the process.
  • Video tutorials appear at the bottom of each of our product pages to help you get started.

7. Advanced intelligence scheduled to your inbox

With the valuable Power BI data sets and visualizations delivered by PBRS, your efforts become much more effective, being based on science (and not opinion or experience). Numbers don’t lie.

Efforts can be tracked and measured against prior KPIs to further streamline your strategies. PBRS offers history snapshots and system monitoring to make it easy to understand your processes in real-time.

Siloed data sets can now be combined with other data sets using the PBRS API to further enhance the impact of your business model. 

Data Insights Elevate Your Customer Experiences

Take the required action to learn how PBRS for Power BI can take the responsibility for menial report distribution off the shoulders of your valuable staff. Allow the main focus of their day to be implementing insights gained through the intel gathered from your enterprise applications to laser focus strategies and get your team to get into action.

You can schedule a 30 day FREE trial, to help your team get up to speed. ChristianSteven also provides free setup, free basic training and free technical support.