How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

Did you know that there are 9.7 million sellers on Amazon? The platform is becoming more competitive, and it is harder than ever to carve out a niche. But do you know how to find the best products to sell to maximize your profit?

If not, then we can assist. Read on as we give five must-know tips on how to find products to sell on Amazon. 

Look For Demand

How to sell on Amazon is firstly about selling products that have a demand. You don’t want to have too much competition, but a product only one or two people are selling probably means nobody really wants it. 

Check to see how many sellers stock the product, and see if it is across a number of sellers. You then need to see how many they are selling. If it is around 10 products a day, then demand is high. 

Check Trends

There are two ways to check trends. As an Amazon individual seller, trends let you see what people are searching for and buying. This can inform your choices. 

On a wider scale, check Google Trends. Type in product names and see how they have gone up and down over time. You want something that is steadily rising or remains consistent in search terms.

After this, check the Amazon trend report. All you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page, click ‘learn more’ then write down the trending items in your niche. 

Look at Other Marketplaces

Amazon FBA may be one of the biggest programs and retailers, but it is not the only one. Alibaba, Aliexpress, and eBay are all global companies that also have data and trends on product sales. Do your research here as well, checking out what is hot and what is not.

Consider Selling Private Label

Private label is a great way to sell products on Amazon under your own brand. You find a private label company, and they manufacture your goods and apply all the branding. The best thing is they can be found under almost any niche, from kitchen products to toys and sports goods. 

The only problem is that you usually have to do the marketing yourself. At first, people may be less reluctant to buy a brand they don’t already use. Click here to find out more about ways to sell, such as fulfillment and distribution centers. 

Look at Reviews

Review can give you a good indication of the level of competition you may face for a product. For example, if a product’s top sellers have thousands of reviews, most customers will go to buy from them first. While it does show great demand, try to find products with less than 200 reviews to stand a fighting chance. 

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

Now you know how to find products to sell on Amazon, you can set up shop. There are lots of tools and software packages that can help you track your inventory and assist with marketing. Look around and remember to be willing to adapt to the market changes.

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