Do You Know How Bath Towel Is Made?

A bath towel is very commonly used by us which is a woven fabric piece that is made mostly with cotton fabric or cotton polyester. The purpose of the towel is to absorb moisture from our bodies after bathing.

Bath towels are made from a single or multi-coloured fabric. Few producers weave towels and then they are dyed to offer a specific colour.

You can get a high-speed terry towel weaving machine that is offered by a number of manufacturers. The following are few advantages:

  • The manufacturer of these machines have rich production experience of 20 years
  • High-quality raw materials can be used in these machines to produce good-quality towels.
  • Can deliver within a very short time.
  • Uses the latest technology.
  • They can produce many different kinds of towels.

The following are the process that goes through while manufacturing these bath towels.

  • Spinning

Quite a few manufacturers spin their yarn for these bath towels. Those who do that use almost 500 lb (227 kg) of bales that may be high or medium quality cotton that is converted into yarn.

The quality of yarn will depend on the manufacturer of what quality of towel to be produced. All these bales will be broken open by using an automated machine that will nip off each bale, open it up and then lay it down.

  • Warping

A warping beam will then warp in which threads will be anchored and then wrapped to a certain large beam in many parallel rows. Different types of towel widths will require a different number of warp threads.

  • Weaving

Generally, towels will be woven on dobby looms, which means each loom will have 2 sets or warps and thus 2 warp beams, where one warp is known as the ground warp and will form the towel body, and the other is known as the pile warp and it will produce the terry pile.

Each set of these warp threads will be carefully fed through a metal eye set and will be attached to a harness.

  • Bleaching

Once the towel is made, it will be wound on a take-up reel. It will then be transported to bleaching in the form of huge fabric rolls and will be put into a certain water bath filled with bleaching chemicals like caustic defoamers, hydrogen peroxide, and a few other proprietary ingredients.

Before it is dyed all towels must be dyed with pure white and then it is tinted with the required colour.

  • Cutting folding and packaging

Finally, a visual inspection will be done on cut and hemmed towels after which they will be hand-folded and finally conveyed for packaging. Automatic packaging equipment will form a bag around all the towels and will be labelled and attached to the bags.

Finally, these packaged towels will be sent to the store.

Often a few harmful by-products are mixed in the water for bleaching, washing, and dyeing the towel fabric. During the bleaching process, certain ingredients should not be discharged without treating them into any water supply as that can pollute ground water.