Get the Support of Eric Minoli for Digital Transformation


The world market is being transformed by the creative digital media entrepreneur Eric Minoli. Eric has worked in the media industry for over thirty years and has been successful in methodically changing outdated business tactics into cutting-edge digital techniques. 

Numerous awards and also a video of Eric Minoli attest to the widespread acclaim and significance of his work.

Eric decided to follow his love of digital media as a young man, studying in France, India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. He founded a company to assist businesses in realizing their full potential through strategic digital planning because he was driven to make a good difference and see beyond the constraints of digital media.

The idea behind Calimero Consulting was to use processes, data, technology, and people resources to enable significant and demonstrable performance in various enterprises. The company aids in updating the goals and implementing fresh, scientifically proven methods, which improves commercial chances.

He consistently strives for perfection in all he does as a recipient of numerous international awards. He is known for coming up with novel ideas and putting them into practice. He is a game-changer who is a tech lover, intelligent, and adept at integrating new technology.

A few of the achievements about Calimero Consulting are as follows:

    • Led the creation of the Virtual Universe Lab. Declared IBC Innovation Awards winner, where the first use of a game engine was made in the world for television production
    • Developed a ground-breaking prototype to manage content copyrights using Blockchain technology
    • Oversaw the relocation of a Brazilian TV channel to the United States following the Canal + Group’s acquisition of the channel 
    • Created and implemented a business plan for a major Canadian cable operator’s exclusive TV channels, including production, post-production, distribution, and asset management.
    • Architected the technological foundation for production by standardizing access and fundamentally reshaping workflow.
    • Standardized broadcast content production and localized processes for a broadcaster’s network of European subsidiaries. 
    • After the vote in parliament to centralize the management of online courses at TFO, the firm structure was realigned.

Throughout the transformation process, Calimero Consulting uses a few different strategies. Below are these actions that will be briefly noted.

Establishing the Base

Identifying the company’s current and future demands is necessary for this. This includes outlining the objectives, the solutions that is needed to be provided, and the conditions necessary for success.

Defining the Leadership Requirements

This strategy is carried out by clearly articulating the organizational and leadership requirements of the company. The organization would respond to the question of who is in charge of what here.

Evaluating the Current Situation

This strategy is used to assess the company’s current organizational capabilities, leadership, goals, and mission.

Identifying the Gap

This strategy merely entails recognizing and pinpointing weaknesses in the way the company is currently operating. Putting together a measurable implementation plan following the discovery of these gaps, a plan and approach recommendation are developed to close them.

Implementing Solutions

Following the creation of these plans, Calimero Consulting will put them into action and keep an eye on them in order to gauge their effectiveness and progress.

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