Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Best Ways to Display Clothes in your Retail Stores

Displaying clothes in retail stores is much more challenging than it appears. There are multiple elements that you need to consider. You need to think about the space you have and how much stock you need to put on display. Also, your display must help you stand above the competitor stores. Hence, in this article, we will put forth effective merchandising ideas that will make you more creative.

Use the wall space

If you own a small store with ample wall space, try utilising it by installing shelving, hanging pegs, or wall-mounted rails. In this way, you won’t clutter the space and will have enough space for the customers to view the products. You also need to understand the height at which you will place the products. The customers must be able to reach them freely. If you still have space left on the walls, go for Slatwall panels and their accessories. With this, you can interchange the inventory at regular intervals.

Add depth and texture

When you are arranging clothes to increase visual merchandising, you can take a variety of approaches like floor racks, tables, stacking baskets, cubes, and plinths. Mixing your store with these combinations is sure to leave your customers mesmerised. But it is very necessary to keep the arrangements clean and easily navigable and approachable. Smaller accessories can be filled in stacking baskets, which will add a whole new level of dynamicity to everything.

Double up the best-selling products

If you have an idea about the products that sell the best within your store, they should be placed right on the favorite store spots. You can also mix two products and promote cross-selling. Further, you can also display clothes that will help the customers have instant style inspiration.

Avoid overfilling the shelves

Overloading the clothing rails never look good to any customer. Every item must be placed luxuriously. It will help the customers easily grab them. They can also easily flick through the rail and find the size that fits them the best. If you are putting thick garments on display, choose lightweight metal hangers that will help to minimize the bulk and look stylish.

By choosing the Displetech presentoir vetement over others, you make sure that the display of your clothes within the store is done at the best and it is sure to attract maximum customers.