The Different Types of Wire Mesh Decking That Exists for Pallet Racks


Not all pallet racks are created equally. Most people that walk into a warehouse won’t pay much attention to the racks. They won’t know one type of rack from another.

But each type of pallet rack system and each type of wire mesh decking on top of the pallet rack will determine how successful a facility is. Warehouse pallet racks are crucial to the growth of the logistics industry, and racks can’t function without the decking that actually holds each pallet in place.

So what is the best type of wire decking to place on your pallet racks if you want to make your warehouse more efficient? Keep reading below to find out now.

Why Choose Wire Mesh Decking

Many warehouses don’t use wire mesh decking, and instead, use sheets of plywood to create shelves on their racks. This option is cheaper but puts your facility at risk.

For one, plywood is a fire hazard, while wire mesh decking is fire-code compliant. Wire decking is also simple to install and can be removed when needed, such as when you have a pallet or boxes that need a taller shelf.

Plus, wire decking is durable, ultra-strong, and will last as long as your rack. Plywood will cost you more money over time as it gets damaged and needs to be replaced.

Overhanging Decking

There are two main categories of decking for racking systems. There are some types that extend to the support beam and sit flush with the beam, without extending over it.

But there is also the overhanging decking. These wires extend over the support beams and wrap around them. So the entire decking sits just above the support beams. Your pallet will never touch the beam itself, as it sits atop a continuous shelf.

This includes the step channel wire deck, the shallow step wire deck, the inverted wire deck, the inverted flare wire deck, and the flared channel deck.

To the untrained eyes, these decking systems all look the same. But each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the contents you intend to store on each shelf.

Drip-In Wire Mesh Decking

Drop-in decking is the wire mesh that ends at the support beam and does not extend over it. This includes inside waterfall wire decking and flush-fit wire decking. These fit snug in between the support beams.

Additional Shelving Types

Wire mesh decking is just one form of durable, long-lasting shelving to install on your racks. Many facilities have multiple types of shelving styles for different types of pallets and areas in their facility.

From no-bolt shelving to wide-span shelving, and even custom-made solutions, there are plenty of options to make your warehouse more efficient and more user-friendly. To get an idea of what types of racks and shelves to use, you can visit to learn more.

Making Your Racks Work

Having the wrong type of decking or shelving can make even the best pallet rack sub-optimal. Your choice of wire mesh decking is just as important as the type of rack you choose to install in your facility.

You should work with your provider to choose the option that makes the most sense for your facility. And it may make sense to have different styles in different parts of your facility.

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