Tuesday, September 26, 2023

B2B Lead Generation For Your Business – What, Why, and How?


Lead generation plays a huge role in attracting massive traffic on your business site, which in turn helps to expand the consumer base as well as increase sales and conversion. It is a crucial aspect of global expansion and growth. Today, B2B marketers aim to design lead generation that connects directly with consumers. 

Check the major B2B [business to business] lead generation statistics that help to understand the significance.

  • More than 25% of B2B vendors stated that their lead generation programs simplified the subdivision of consumers based on their interests and behavior.
  • 55% of businesses experienced a boost in leads from 10 to 15 via their landing pages.
  • 65% of B2B business owners found LinkedIn generation extremely useful.
  • Over 20% of B2B companies reach customers directly for B2B Customer Feedbackvia lead promotion every week.
  • 89% of promoters believe that lead generation effectiveness is improving at the moment.
  • The B2B businesses that regularly generate blogs capture 65% more leads than those that don’t. 
  • 80+% professional marketers say that a smart inbound marketing strategy is a crucial element in generating quality leads. 

The above statistic displays the significance of B2B leads. Companies in Singapore like Luuminate has helped secure B2B leads for companies navigating their marketing problems without any glitches even in this changing marketing landscape. The company claims to improve your marketing effectiveness with their contact database of more than 120 million prospects including their contact number as well as social media details, and email addresses.

Importance of lead generation

Any kind of business, either an established enterprise or a small startup can leverage the lead generation and nurturing process. In the digital marketing landscape, the potential consumers interested in buying your goods or services are referred as ‘leads’. The lead generation process makes use of different strategies to capture qualified [interested] leads and convert them into paid consumers. 

This helps to increase business ROI. Currently, businesses depend a lot on digital marketing because the norms changed due to the COVID-19 situation. So, a smart and multi-faceted strategy will make it simple for both businesses and consumers easy to make decisions. It eliminates the complicated purchase cycle process. 

Diverse ways of capturing leads

In the past, customers used to see advertisements in newspapers or magazines or billboards or pamphlets. The traditional way of marketing and buying has become outdated. There is a diverse improvement in the marketing and promoting ways. Consumer’s way of shopping is shifting to digital platforms and even the social media channels make a huge difference.

Strategies to enhance lead numbers

Outbound marketing

This strategy is also called ‘Interruption Marketing’. It pushes your brand message before customers who weren’t looking for your business. However, with the right prospecting strategy, qualified leads can be discovered and directed towards the lead nurturing process. 

In the B2B outbound marketing model, the company starts the first conversation with another business. B2B appointment setting process is started by a skilled sales rep, who then calls on, follows up, and nurtures the qualified leads. Ultimately, the appointment is scheduled and another sales rep will deliver a detailed presentation and conclude a deal. 

Inbound marketing

The inbound marketing process includes creating an SEO-optimized website, producing videos, focusing on social media efforts, or a combination of all these. 

Smart strategies used to capture leads

Google ads – Relevant keywords are used in the Google ads to capture potential leads. The traffic is directed to your landing page holding useful information. 

Website forms – Simple forms are added to the web pages that attract the most traffic. Leads can be collected via corresponding offers.

Send direct emails – New potential leads can be captured by sending personalized emails directly. Email marketing is consistently cited to deliver the highest ROI, especially after COVID. Email marketing is popular because of multiple reasons including –

  • Low cost
  • Reach an already engaged consumer or permission-based
  • Deliver target message
  • Scalable, shareable, and measurable
  • Less intrusive than telephone marketing
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Saves time due to automation

In the business world business matters, so the majority of companies invest in a professional email marketing agency for their project. Email marketing has its downsides like resource and skills, size and design issues, and spamming. Nevertheless, with professionals, it ensures that the right people are targeted and click-through rate or CTR is high. 

Social media channels – The social media platforms have introduced impressive features for marketing and lead generation. Everyday users spend more than 5 hours of their day on social media. Therefore, it is a great way to engage target audiences. Captivate social sales running contests, so businesses can receive qualified leads and conversion. 

B2B lead generation strategy is all about quality so follow the latest trends and build a long-term relationship with other businesses.