An Event to Remember: The Best Personalized Party Favors That Your Guests Are Sure to Love

Are you planning for an upcoming party and are hoping to give your guests some personalized party favors? This can be a great way to commemorate your event while showing your guests how much you appreciate their company. 

For some goodie bag ideas for a variety of different event types, keep reading. Event goodie bags aren’t just for kids, and we’re here to show you how with some awesome ideas.

Bridal Party Ideas 

A bridal party can be a great way to get all of your closest gals around for a night or weekend of fun before the big day. A great way to show your bridal party that you are thankful for their support on your wedding day is to give them a bundle of personalized gifts. These gifts will be even more useful if they are themed around your bridal party or trip. 

Think of things specific to the bridal party, location, and theme. Also, you may consider giving all guests matching items that you can wear and enjoy together. For example, if you’re having a bridal beach trip, get matching flip flops and sunhats that are personalized with either “bridesmaid”, “maid of honor” or “bride”, or just with the details of your wedding date. 

Bachelor Party Giveaways 

The brides aren’t the only ones who should have all the fun. If you are hosting an upcoming bachelor party, there are some great items you can give to your guests that they can use at the party and long after. For example, think of putting together a cocktail kit with ingredients and instructions for your favorite drink. 

You can add Personalized bottle koozies, drink glasses, bottle openers, and more that will be useful at the party but will also act as a great reminder of wonderful memories together as well. 

Party It Up 

If you are hosting a late-night party that might cause guests to overindulge, such as a New Year’s Eve party or a birthday party, a hangover goodie bag can be not only a tongue-in-cheek gift but a lifesaver to guests the next day. Your guests will be grateful for the awesome time they had and will also get the relief they may be in need of the morning. In this kit, you can include hangover relief products such as pain reliever, Gatorade, eyedrops, and more. 

You can also include personalized eye masks that can help your guests sleep in the morning after but can also be used long after. You may consider personalizing these items with the date and title of the event to keep the memories alive. 

Personalized Party Favors for Adult Events 

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, personalized party favors can be great goodie bag items to offer guests before they leave. This is a great way to thank your guests for spending their time with you while also giving them something to remember the event by. 

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