A Complete Guide to Carton Flow

Warehouses are complex places. They need to store tons and tons of products and materials. They also need to offer space to package goods together and prepare them for shipping or transportation.

Aside from cramming in as much inventory as possible, these facilities need to allow for lighting quick movement of materials, packages, and cartons. This movement of cartons is known as carton flow.

An inefficient warehouse would require people to carry all of the materials and boxes themselves. A better solution is investing in a carton flow rack, which can speed up this process dramatically.

But what exactly are carton flow racking systems, and why would a carton flow system improve your workplace efficiency? Keep reading for answers to all of your carton-related questions. 

What Is a Carton Flow Rack?

A carton flow storage system and the racks that they come with are made up of lanes of rollers, usually at an incline. When you place an object on the carton flow lanes, gravity leads it down the track system to its destination.

As a result, an individual can transfer cartons of products and packages across the warehouse, without having to walk all the way over there. This greatly increases the number of orders that can be picked by every person on your team, as they can focus on picking products rather than walking them across the warehouse.

With more packages picked in less time, your company is saving money. That makes carton flow beds worth the investment many times over.

Plus, your employees will be happier, as they don’t have to walk across your large building so many times. They get to stay in one area, which can be much easier on their body over the course of long shifts. 

Adding a Carton Flow System

If your warehouse currently lacks a carton flow system, it takes time and effort to install one. In order for your system to be effective, the entire warehouse needs to be organized around the use of the carton flow lanes.

They need to be centrally located, leading cartons from the picking area to the packaging and shipping area. Sometimes, adding a carton flow system can require a partial or complete remodel of your warehouse’s interior. 

Other times, particularly for smaller facilities, it’s easy enough to install a system without moving too much around.

Types of Carton Flow Racks

There are different types of carton flow racks and beds available. The type you should choose depends on what size cartons you are moving on a daily basis, how far they are going, and how heavy they are. 

Certain types of tracks are meant to be permanently installed, not allowing for adjustments later on. Other types, such as a skate wheel track, are easier to adjust and reconfigure as needed. 

It’s best to consult a professional before installing a rack system on your own. 

Start Improving Your Warehouse Efficiency

Now that you know how much a carton flow system can help your business, it’s time to determine your specific needs and get a system installed as soon as possible. Every day that you don’t have a system in place is a day where time is wasted on the shop floor, which ultimately costs you money.

Make the investment today and start improving efficiency and growing your business.

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