Tuesday, September 26, 2023

7 Kitchen Appliance Shopping Errors and How To Avoid Them

Kitchen appliances cost between $350 to $8,000, which means they are a big investment, especially if you’re choosing higher-end products.

When you take the time to buy the perfect appliance, it can boost your home’s resale value and tie the room together. Although the shopping process feels overwhelming, once you know the top mistakes, it’s easier to get started. Perhaps you’re currently searching for your dream kitchen appliance but you’re worried about choosing the wrong one. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven kitchen appliance shopping errors to avoid.  

1. Not Comparing Prices 

A popular mistake homeowners make is not comparing appliance prices during their search. It’s important to know what appliance you need and figure out the average price on the market. For instance, if you’re browsing commercial stoves, check five retailers to figure out the average cost. 

Once you know your desired specifications, read online customer reviews to get valuable insight into the product. Note, if there are recurring negative comments about the appliance, continue your search as it’s a major red flag. And don’t be afraid to directly reach out to past customers for their honest feedback.  

2. Not Measuring the Room 

Regardless of which types of kitchen appliances, you’re searching for, measuring the kitchen is crucial. If you skip this step, you risk falling in love with an appliance, only to realize it won’t fit. 

To avoid this, sketch a layout of your kitchen so you know where the appliance will go. You should also use a measuring tape to get the exact dimensions as it will help you find the right model. Plus, check how the door opens so you can create enough space for it.   

You should also consider the current appliances, especially if there’s a specific style. For instance, if you already have a white microwave and oven, choose the same color for your refrigerators, otherwise, they’ll clash. 

3. Not Checking the Room’s Hookups 

As you’re measuring the kitchen, you should also note where the hookups are. It’s crucial that the machine can tap into the utility lines, otherwise, it’s redundant.

Further, many homeowners want a refrigerator with an ice dispenser but you’ll need a specific water line instead. To be safe, hire a plumber to install a new one or check whether your current one is viable. 

4. Ignoring Maintenance Costs

As you search for new and used appliances, make sure you factor in maintenance costs. For peace of mind, ask the retailer for a list of authorized repair stores in case there’s an issue later on. Plus, this will protect you if the machine glitches once the warranty has expired.  

Once you’ve found the perfect appliance, find a specialist who will help you with the installation. A major benefit is many contractors offer great service warranties and contracts to ensure your new appliance performs its best for years.  

Further, homeowners should consider how energy-efficient the appliance is. Not only do these last longer but you can save a fortune in utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Because of this, buy an appliance that has the Energy Star label as it’s credible. 

5. Skimming Over the Fine Print 

All kitchen appliance brands come with important documents so thoroughly read the fine print. This will reveal how long the warranty lasts and give you tips on maintaining the appliance. You should also refer to the manufacturer’s manual for installing the machine and how to navigate its controls. 

6. Buying on Impulse 

Shopping is always exciting, which is why so many homeowners fall into the trap of impulse buying. The problem with this is you end up with an appliance that isn’t compatible or one that doesn’t fit in your kitchen. We also get swept away with how a machine looks or if it boasts an array of new features. 

To avoid impulse buying, refer to your list of must-haves and stick with them. You should also visit the store where you can check out the appliance in person to determine whether it’s a good fit for your home.  

Further, keep an open mind as you browse appliances. Accept that recent innovations have changed these products so you needn’t only buy what you know. For instance, induction cooktops are now more affordable, thanks to the rise in popularity. 

Saying that, avoid choosing a super high-tech product when you won’t take advantage of all of the features. For instance, you may not need a refrigerator with a camera, especially if it’s out of your budget range. 

7. Not Referring to Your Budget 

Another common mistake is not referring to your budget when you shop. Make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend, otherwise there’s a risk of over-or under-spending. Although the latter sounds good, you could buy a low-quality appliance that needs costly repairs, which will cost more than buying a slightly more expensive one. 

Before you start your search, be honest about your finances and choose an appliance that aligns with your budget so you don’t end up in a tricky financial situation.  

Avoid These Kitchen Appliance Shopping Errors Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll avoid these common kitchen appliance shopping errors. 

There are many common mistakes such as not comparing prices, forgetting to measure the kitchen, and not checking where the electrical outlets are. You should also avoid buying on impulse and always refer to your budget so you find the appliance of your dreams. Happy shopping! 

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