Tuesday, September 26, 2023

5 Unique Promotional Strategies to Boost Your Brand

Advertising can involve many different promotional methods. Promoting a brand is important, whether you’re on day 1 or year 10. According to Contently, 61% of people are more likely to buy into a brand that delivers unique content. But what is content really? In this post, we’re going to answer that question by giving you 5 unique promotional strategies that you can use to boost your brand. If you want to avoid the same old song and dance, but you want to deliver results, then keep reading and let us show you how to build your brand from the ground up.

1. Branded Merch

Nothing boosts brand awareness quite like a great logo slapped on a t-shirt, hat, or pretty much anything else you want to make. Companies like Axomo can help you set up a shop that has a diverse array of branded merch for your customers and fans alike. A branded t-shirt will essentially make your followers “walking billboards”. If you have a great design and sell enough of them, the local public will start to take notice.

2. Finding an Influencer

Influencer marketing isn’t an abstract concept anymore, but it’s something that a lot of new brands overlook. If you’re willing to hook up a social media influencer with some swag – or pay them – you can put your brand in front of whatever audience you like. Partnering with the right influencers can have a major impact on your social media reach. Having a lot of followers is just as important as having lots of people come into your shop. Once you’ve got them paying attention is when you have the power.

3. Use Video When You Can

Video marketing is undeniably important. Over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every single day, so it’s a valuable way to show off your brand, albeit difficult to cut through the noise. A brand can really benefit from regular video content on its social media platforms. More people prefer to watch videos to get their information rather than read it on a blog. What information you can convey through video, you always should.

4. Hit the Streets

More traditional marketing methods are still valuable, such as billboard marketing panama city fl. People still walk or drive around cities and pay attention to their surroundings. A well-placed billboard can have an amazing effect on brand awareness.

5. Podcast Spots

Another traditional marketing method is radio advertising. Not that many people listen to the radio anymore, but a more unique marketing method is advertising on podcasts. Getting your business or brand discussed on a podcast can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Even better is being interviewed on a popular podcast and discussing your brand.

Promotional Strategies Done Right

These are just a few unique promotional strategies that you can use to boost your brand, but let your creativity shine. Whatever you need to do to spread your brand to the masses is worth trying. Think outside the box and you’ll see things start to work sooner than later. Did you find this post helpful? Visit our site for more on business and marketing.