5 Tips on Hiring Cleaning Companies for Small Businesses

Your small business is an extension of you. When customers walk in you want them to feel comfortable and offer a clean and sanitized area.

Unfortunately, you already have so many tasks to juggle you don’t always have time to do a thorough cleaning job. That’s why you need to enlist the help of an experienced cleaning service.

If you are not sure how to start, read on for tips on hiring cleaning companies for your small business.

Commercial Cleaning Experience 

While you might think all cleaning services are the same, you need to seek out a company that specializes in commercial cleaning.

Some of the basics remain, but a commercial cleaning company is familiar with the importance of a first impression when a customer walks in. They also understand the accessories and needs will be different from those in a home.

They also have the right equipment. A commercial cleaning company uses high-quality office cleaning tools.

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Check Online Customer Reviews When Hiring Cleaning Companies 

You owe it to your customers, employees, and business to check the online reviews of the businesses you wish to interview.

Look for reviews that not only mention their cleaning skills but whether or not they’re easy to contact and communicate with. Your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it chasing down your cleaning service.

Ask for References

After you have obtained a few names to choose from, ask for references. References are a good addition to online reviews because you can speak to another actual business owner.

Try to find others with a similar business as yours. Ask what services they use and if they are satisfied.

Compare cleaning costs from a few different companies. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better, but you do want the best value for your money.

Confirm Their License and Insurance

You have a business license and they should have a cleaning business license too. You only want to allow professionals inside your business, especially if you are not there.

Liability insurance is another must-have. Accidents happen, but you do not want to be held responsible if someone is injured on your property.

Covid Clean

Today more than ever there is not only an emphasis on clean, but also sanitizing. The existence of Covid has made it a priority for all businesses to ensure their space is safe for both employees and customers.

Confirm your new cleaning service has a Covid cleaning protocol. Have them go over the extra steps and sanitation process they follow.

Don’t Take a Short Cut on Cleanliness

From the moment a customer steps into your business they are aware and observing their surroundings. You owe it to them and your reputation to offer a clean and sanitized space.

These tips for hiring cleaning companies will ensure a safe place for employees and visitors.

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