5 Best Cell Culture Applications and Extraction Kits That You Must Use For Best Results

Cellular culture and molecular study are the two biggest branches of medical science. A lot of modern cures depend upon such studies. Wondering how? Well, the reasons are listed below.

  • They are needed to study cellular surfaces of different molecules and their response to binding with different membranes.
  • They can be used to extract proteins, lysosomes, and nuclei from target assays.
  • They are reactive with any number of dyes that increase the clarity of assays and help in detailed study.

In other words, the cell culture applications at IVM Biotech are of many kinds and are developed for many purposes. Our guide today will put to light some of the best applications you can buy.

  1. Fluorescent DNA Ladders

These DNA ladders contain bright DNA bands that increase the clarity of the molecules that helps in the detailed study of the specimen. Besides, the loading dye can be easily bound with agarose gels.

  1. Safe Fluorescent RNA Loading Dye

This is a loading dye that is used in the place of Ethidium Bromide. Thus, it is non-toxic. Some of its noteworthy features are listed below.

  • It doesn’t contain any toxin. Thus, it doesn’t harm the atmosphere and is eco-friendly.
  • When studied under blue light, this dye is able to detect as less as 60 ng DNA and RNA. This amount turns out to be lower, just 1-2 ng DNA and RNA, when studied under UV light.
  • Since it doesn’t contain Ethidium Bromide, the DNA and RNA in the cells remain intact. Forbye, they do not undergo any mutation as well.
  • Once the work is done, the dye can be removed from the targeted nuclei with the help of any Extraction kit.
  1. Extraction Kits

There are many extraction kits at IVM Biotech that you can buy. The best ones include:

  • Protein extraction kit for mitochondrial proteins.
  • Protein extraction kit for membrane proteins.
  • Protein extraction kit for nuclear proteins.
  • Protein extraction kit for cytoplasmic and cytoskeleton membrane proteins.
  • Lysosome and Nuclei Isolation kit.
  1. Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

This detection can be used to run no less than 100 tests. Some of its noteworthy features are listed below.

  • It is capable of detecting 117 different species of mycoplasma.
  • It can detect the presence of DNA as low as 1 fematogram.
  1. Chip and EMSA Kits

These kits are specifically designed to augment the study of cellular essays during the process of electrophoresis, i.e. when the PROTEIN-DNA binding occurs. It detects the molecular shift on the same principle as that of western blot applications. The best 2 at IVM Biotech are listed below.

  • Non-radioactive EMSA kit
  • Standard Chip Kit