Why prioritizes cash flow over profit generation? 


Cash flow and profit, both are important aspects of the business. For the long-term success of a business, profit generation is needed while also operating with positive cash flow. A business must use three types of Accounting Services to keep track of its income and expenses efficiently. These comprise managerial, cost, and financial accounting. Looking for a perfect accounting service provider? Check out https://heysara.sg/

  • What is cash flow? 

Cash flow is all about the inflow and outflow of money from a business. It is essential for everyday operations, purchasing inventory, taxes and operating costs, and paying employees.

Positive cash flow indicates an increment in a company’s liquid assets. It helps to settle debts, return money to shareholders, reinvest in the business, and pay expenses. However, a negative cash flow indicates that the liquid assets of the company are decreasing.

  • What is profit? 

Once all the expenses are deducted from the revenue, the left surplus part is termed as profit. Profit is the basis of calculating tax and is the overall picture of a particular business.

Broadly an analyst analyzes 3 main types of profits- net profit, operating profit, and gross profit.

  1. Gross profits- this profit is defined as revenue minus the price of goods sold. Variable cost is also included in it, which relies on the level of output such as cost of labour and materials. Other fixed costs are not included in this, which a company must pay irrespective of output. I.e. rent.
  2. Operating profit – operating profits are generated from the normal business operations of the business. It generally excludes negative flows of cash like interest payments on debt or tax payments. Furthermore, it does not include the positive cash flows from the areas that lie outside of the core business. Sometimes, it is also referred to as Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT).
  3. Net profit- once all the expenses have been dedicated from the revenue, the income left is net income. Generally, it has an inclusion of expenses like interest payments and tax.

With each type of these profits, and analysts can fetch more information about the performance of the company, especially when he compares against other industry competitors and other periods. All these three levels of profitability can be seen on the income statement.

For investors, understanding the difference between cash flow and profit makes it easier to realize whether a profitable company is a good investment based on its capability to stay erect in times of economic crisis. For business owners and entrepreneurs, analyzing the relationship between these terms can inform crucial business decisions, which also includes the decent path to pursue development.

Entrepreneurs should Prioritize Cash Flow over Profit because cash flow keeps the business running, while still retaining a profit. Some other facts supporting cash flow is-

  • Cash flow indicated the operational issues
  • It helps with overall business growth
  • Cash flow is the money at hand to pay all the debts
  • It can convict new investors
  • Healthy financial growth is reflected in the case of positive cash flow.
  • In the presence of positive cash flow, you do not have to take heavy loads.
  • It is a reliable determiner of growth.

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