When to Hire an Employment Solicitor – Know Some Circumstances


An employment solicitor is a legal professional who works together with employees and employers to resolve any conflict that has been escalated or whose impact has become bigger than expected. These conflicts may include wages or payment issues, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination and an unhealthy work environment. Virginia employment attorney can handle the matter in a legal manner so that things can be controlled at the right time. It is a wise idea to get involved with these professionals especially when the relationship between an employer and employee has become strained due to disputes. He can listen to both sides of the story and come to an unbiased solution.

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Who are employment attorneys?

These are legal professionals that perform various duties when they are hired by a company. Majorly, two types of attorneys can work in this field. One is an employment discrimination attorney and another type is a management attorney. Their roles are elaborated as mentioned below:

  • Employment discrimination attorney- An attorney is the one who handles cases related to discrimination at the workplace based on race, color, religion and origin. He may need proof of the discrimination such as date, place, time and description of an incident. 
  • Manager attorney- They handle the cases from the employer side based on disputes raised by the employee, policy formulations, litigation with the clients and partners.

When to hire an employment attorney

An employee should hire an attorney when he feels that his request is not being heard or an employer or the boss is taking no action, he must escalate the matter and seek legal help. However, it is not suggested to hire an attorney right away. Various legal agencies and organizations work for the welfare of employees such as cases related to human rights, sexual harassment and equality. An employee can get in touch with these bodies and try to resolve the matter in a congenial manner. Moreover, they can also figure out if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit.

If an employee has filed a case against an employer, he has to get in touch with an employment lawyer to fight for him based on the employee handbook. In this case, he has to hire a manager attorney who specializes in dealing with similar cases. Besides, he also needs to hire this attorney in an event of litigation from clients, customers and partners. In order to create the company’s policies, an employer has to get in touch with an employment attorney. 

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