Monday, September 25, 2023

When Do You Need a Nuans Search?

In this age of internet searches, no one wants their new business to compete with a company using the same name. Owners want their business to be unique from their competitors. They want to know if there are any name conflicts before spending money on launching a business.

The solution is a Nuans report.

Not sure what exactly a Nuans search is and whether or not you need one? This article will offer the clarification you need.

Nuans Searches

A Nuans search can ensure that your business name is unique and available. You’ll want to have a look at how much Nuans reports cost. But first, you need to know that there are two ways to take advantage of a Nuans search.

Preliminary Nuans Search

Say goodbye to Google searches, the Yellow Pages, and computerized directories. Instead of searching the internet and domain name availability, you can take advantage of a free preliminary Nuans search. The search will provide instant online results.

While a sole-proprietor doesn’t need a Nuans search, the benefits of a preliminary search will help secure a unique name that can grow with the business. Keep in mind that the preliminary search is limited in the information provided. But it is specific on finding exact matches.

Nuans Name Reservation Report

The seven-page report provides a list of similar corporate names, business names, and trademarks. This report will simplify certain federal reports used in the incorporation process. While the report is good for 90-days, it does not pre-approve or approve the name.

Time Saving Information

There are several pieces of information that can help Corporations Canada decide if your proposed name meets their requirements. The back and forth process can be eliminated if you preclude the common requests for more information. By providing the below items with your original proposal, you might remove the possibility of all additional requests.

  • Type of business your corporation will conduct
  • The location where your business will operate
  • The Avatar or type of clients your business will serve
  • Your methodology for your name selection
  • If the business uses a family name, the individual’s connection to the business
  • Similar names or trademarks you previously registered
  • Searches conducted on potential names considered that were confusing

This recommended preplanning will also reduce the time taken in the approval process.

Locations Requiring Nuans Reports

The government requires a Nuans report for all companies incorporating in the following areas.

  • Canada (Federal)
  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

The content of the reports is specific for each area. Completing a Federal Nuans does not work or qualify in all areas. It is only valid for filing for Federal incorporation.

Nuans Searches Ideal for Naming Any Business

Brainstorming and searching for a unique name is critical in this internet age and Nuans search helps. But it doesn’t have to be frustrating. There are many articles that can help with best practices in determining a great name.

And if you’re not ready to select a name, consider incorporating with a numbered name and amending your articles with a new name when you’re ready. For more tips and information like this, continue exploring our site.