Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What you should know about the Central Coast family law firm

Any system requires stability to exist. The more unstable it becomes, the more likely it will perish. Science quite well talks about this characteristic of any system. The same is the case for us. We, humans, live in a society. The society comprises individuals with different perspectives and ways of living life. Thus, certain laws have been set up to ensure that the system can be maintained at equilibrium.

The sub-section of society is families. The family symbolises the people who love and understand each other. It starts with two individuals who choose to live their life together.
But what if the relationship you thought of lasting till the end doesn’t seem to work any longer? Has that mutual understanding seemed to have just vanished? are you looking forward to a divorce. Consult the central coast family law firm.

How does the whole divorce process go on?

A couple who have been legally married can file for a divorce. It can be filed post-12 months of separation. One can contact any of the well-known divorce lawyers central coast from the central coast family law firm for assistance. You can also look for divorce lawyers, Gosford.

What does the divorce process involve?

Firstly, a divorce lawyer would prepare an application for divorce, including their client’s marriage details and signature. A copy of their marriage certificate may or may not be required. The divorce application can be filed by either a sole partner or under mutual consent. In the case of no mutual consent, the application is served in person to the former spouse.

How does the court treat such cases?

For the family court, whether anyone or both choose to separate, it respects the right of a person’s choice. However, if the couple has children below 18 years of age, the court treats it a little differently. The court makes sure enough arrangements are being made to support the children. It will decide who the children should be with and how the other non-resident parent can meet the children.

Will one be required to attend court?

Any couple seeking a divorce is not required to be present in court. However, if they have children below 18 years of age, their attendance is a compulsion. They have to attend the divorce hearing with their divorce lawyer.

How long will it take for the divorce to be finalized?

The divorce approximately takes a month post-filing to get finalized. After the period, the concerned court will provide the couple with a certificate of divorce. If there are unresolved property issues, they are provided one year from the date of the divorce to decide.

How to choose the best divorce lawyer?

Divorce lawyers are the only professionals to turn to if you want to get out of a relationship that no longer serves you. To choose the best, always go for the lawyer with a great track record. The one with tonnes of experience in such cases would be able to understand your case better. Furthermore, they would help to maximise the outcome for you. Such proficient experts very well know how to handle child custody and property matters.