What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Your House

Getting locked out of your house is never ideal. Yet, it will probably happen to you at some point in your life.

You’re a busy person, and you have other things to think about besides where you put your keys. So, if you happen to leave them in your house accidentally, or your car, or your office, and you’re locked out, you should know what to do.

This can help keep you calm and make you more efficient when this instance occurs. Keep reading our guide below to learn some tips on what to do if you get locked out.

Check Your Windows

So, you know you can’t get in through the doors, but could a window be unlocked?

Of course, you should always close your windows and lock them before leaving the house, but if you forgot, this could be the easiest way to get back into your home.

Before trying other methods, try your windows. However, always use caution when climbing through a window, especially if it is high above the ground.

Call a Friend or Family Member

If you live with someone, such as a partner, family member, or roommate, give them a call and see if they can come to unlock the door for you. Chances are they have their keys on them, though they may not be available right away.

If you rent your apartment or home, call your landlord and see if they will let you in. They know you and should be happy to help, though they may charge a fee.

You should also consider if you’ve ever given someone a spare key, such as to water your plants or feed your cats. If so, you can go grab their key and hold on to it until you see them again.

Ask a Neighbor

If you are locked out of your house and are friendly with your neighbors, consider knocking on their door and asking for help.

If they are handy, they might be able to get you in. If not, you at least have a place to stay until you can get back into your home.

Call a Locksmith Service

If all else fails, you should call a locksmith to help get you back inside. Locating an emergency local locksmith is ideal, as they are usually open 24 hours and can get you help right away.

The best locksmith will have the right tools to get you in without causing any damage to your property, so you won’t have to replace any doorknobs or locks.

To get a better idea of what a locksmith can do for you, look here.

Follow These Tips if You Get Locked Out

If you get locked out, you can rest easy knowing you are prepared for what comes next. Go through your various options listed above, and you’ll be getting back inside in no time.

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