What To Do During an Earthquake at Work

Are you wondering what to do during an earthquake at work? While knowing how to handle a sudden earthquake is second nature for some, if you don’t live in an area with earthquakes, you will likely have no idea what to do.

Experiencing an earthquake for the first time can be terrifying. Out of nowhere, you will start to feel the earth tremble, and see everything shaking.

Whether minor or major, it can be more than a little disorientating. If you are at work, you can be even more scared because you are away from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, by knowing what to do during an earthquake, you can reduce some of the stress and anxiety while also making sure you are as safe as possible. If you are moving to an area with earthquakes or just want to be prepared, here is what to do if you experience an earthquake at work.

Remain Calm

One of the best earthquake tips to follow is to remain calm. While it might be difficult, staying calm will help you react better and keep yourself safe. One way to ensure you are as calm as possible is to run earthquake drills so you are prepared for the real thing.

Stay Indoors

If you are indoors when an earthquake occurs, it’s important to stay inside. This is essential because you can be hurt by falling debris if you go outside. If you work outside, stay away from anything that can fall and hurt you.


The first step in the official earthquake preparedness procedure is to drop. You need to drop to all fours so you are not knocked over by the impact of the shaking. Dropping also puts you in the perfect position to crawl to safety.


The chances for falling debris is high during any earthquake you experience. For this reason, it’s essential to cover your head and neck until you can crawl to somewhere safe like underneath a sturdy desk, table, or more. Make sure to keep yourself bent over to protect your vital organs.


The next step in the preparedness procedure is to hold. Stay where you are until the earthquake is over and you no longer feel shaking. Continue to protect your head, neck, and vital organs.

Assess the Damage

After the earthquake is over and you have checked to make sure everyone is okay, assess the damage in your workplace. At this point, you might be wondering is there earthquake insurance and are you covered for any damage that has occurred.

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This Is What to Do During an Earthquake

After reading this guide, you should know what to do during an earthquake at work.

Although it might be difficult, the first thing to do is to stay calm. Next, stay indoors and follow the drop, cover, and hold, procedure. After the earthquake is over, make sure everyone is okay and assess any damage that might have occurred.

Follow these steps to get through an earthquake as safely as possible.

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