Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring is a software that provides businesses with the interaction between employees and customers with the ability to check the surety of service quality. Employee Monitoring Software is mostly used in customer service by managers. It is used to check that the representatives are working well. Different types of features of Employee Monitoring Software are Managing, Recording, Notifying, Reporting, Filtering.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software:

Monitoring Tool: The monitoring tool shows the activity of employees. It shows computer activities performed by them like messaging, downloading, web surfing, printing. It blocks any unwanted feature. With Employee Monitoring Software, the employees can make their profile and grade up their rank according to their computer activities. They can make a dashboard to manage their activities.

Recording Tool: Work Examiner records video at 1 frame per second which helps to keep data in check and makes it easier to evaluate and provide security to data. It is connected to another server which further enhances the security of data and makes it almost impossible to make any amends in data.

Notifying: This Business Continuity Software gives notifications of various activities performed by the employee. This software notifies when the activity performed by the employee is not according to the established rules. Then one can backup personnel decisions. One could backup their details with videos linked to alert.

Reporting: This software prepares a report based on employees’ activities. All the activities of employees are tracked and a full report is being prepared with stats, activities, timings, attendance, etc. Then the reports are exported to PDFs and send to your email box by scheduling it which further enhances the data’s secure transfer.

Filtering: This is a very important and useful feature as it filters the accessibility of web pages on the computer and it not only allows user to visit only work-related pages but allows some non-work-related apps and pages which provide flexibility to the user and maintain an environment of trust and reliability. It enhances the work environment and users never feel too restricted and it provides the necessary protection to the data which is a very important feature to have.

Why Work Examiner can be a game-changer for the company?

Work Examiner is a workexamine.com – free employee monitoring software that revolutionized employee monitoring methods. It offers a great number of features for data protection and tracking while also allowing flexibility to the user to work which creates a nice work environment that helps to get the most out of an employee’s ability. This software can certainly boost the company’s productivity by changing the productivity of the employees which will reflect in the company’s profits. One should give it a try to see the changes in their company’s work culture.