Monday, September 25, 2023

What Has Led to the Increased Pedestrian Accidents in Denver, CO?

Pedestrians are among the most exposed to road accidents, particularly in major cities, towns, and urban areas. The government has implemented several measures to minimize pedestrian accidents, but that doesn’t mean these events are still not common today. Nevertheless, you should ensure you understand everything that involves pedestrian accidents. One of the main subjects that should concern you is what causes these incidents and why they’ve increased in Denver. The following information covers this topic in detail to guide you better in what has led to the skyrocketing of pedestrian accidents.

Distracted and Reckless Motorists

Undoubtedly, reckless and distracted driving are the main reason many Denver pedestrians find themselves in accidents and occurrences that threaten their lives as road users. Many people put distracted and reckless driving in one basket, but there’s a thin line between the two. Denver pedestrian accident lawyers understand this difference well, meaning they can offer the best guidance.

However, this section will list examples of distracted and reckless driving. You can rank dozing off while driving, texting, making or receiving phone calls, eating, and changing clothes as distracted driving. Conversely, driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated fall under reckless driving. Nevertheless, both have dire consequences because they don’t pose a risk to pedestrians only but to other motorists, too.

Careless Pedestrians

You can blame motorists for different pedestrian accidents, but these streetwalkers also play a part in these unexpected and unwanted happenings. Carelessness among pedestrians arises when they don’t pay attention to their surroundings. Failure to obey traffic lights, walking on the wrong side of the road, and not adhering to the ‘look left and right’ rule when crossing the road puts you, the pedestrian, at immense risk.

Pedestrian carelessness also counts when considering your clothes, especially when it’s dark. Many states have pointed out the necessity of avoiding wearing dark clothes when walking on the road at night. Motorists have trouble seeing people dressed in dark clothes at night, which is also a significant contributor to pedestrian accidents. If you must wear dark clothes, consider wearing a reflector jacket so drivers and other road users can see you in the dark.

Bad Weather

Denver experiences various weather conditions throughout the year. The shining sun is excellent for outdoor activities, such as walking on the road and visiting the beach. However, you must be highly cautious when the weather has heavy rainfall, thick snow, and intense storms because they’re among the significant risks, primarily if you’re a regular road user.

Such climatic conditions reduce visibility, making it hard to see oncoming traffic. Denver experiences high rainfall from mid-March to the end of October. For this reason, pedestrians should take the necessary precautions, especially regarding crossing the road and walking on pedestrian-designated lanes.

Road Constructions and Renovations

All state and federal governments want their people to use well-built and functional roads. This is why road construction and renovation projects have ballooned in many areas, and Denver isn’t an exception. Nevertheless, these essential projects also pose a danger to road users, particularly those on foot.

Road construction and renovation undertakings may force pedestrians to walk in areas where motorists don’t expect them to be. Additionally, large blocks and building materials may block the way, forcing drivers to pass through pedestrian-designated sections. All these possible events contribute to an increase in pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrians have the right to use the road to get to their desired places. This is the leading reason road builders set a section apart for people to walk on. Nonetheless, pedestrian accidents are common today, mainly for the reasons in this article.