What are the simple tricks to eliminate dust ?

Dust can be so annoying even after cleaning the house, you will still find some places dusty. Dirty air that comes from outside carries dust into the house through windows, air ducts, or even external cracks.

However, dust can be so harmful, especially for individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, or other breathing-related problems. So you must learn how to get rid of the dust for healthy and quality living. A dust-free home has clean air quality and good shelf life for furniture, appliances, and electronics. Here are simple tricks to eliminate dust;

  • Keep Windows Closed

Yes! Closing the windows helps to reduce the amount of dust in your home. In the process of opening the windows for fresh air, a great amount of dust finds its way into your home.

It enters through doors or windows, especially on windy days. This problem can however be reduced if windows and doors are closed at all times.

  • Buy Door mats and Take off Shoes

Door mats can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each time you have a visitor, dirt can come in once there is no doormat at the entrance of the house.

The purpose of doormats is to trap dirt from entering the house. Debris hides in the sole of your shoes. Alternatively, you need to take off your shoes and probably request your visitors to do so too. These doormats can be washed to prevent the build-up of dust.

  • For go Carpeting

The carpet holds a lot of dust and at the same time releases dust into the air each time you walk or move on it. It will be proper to get rid of the carpet.

However, hard surface flooring (like tiles, wood, vinyl, or stones) is the best to install if you want to redecorate your house. It is very easy to remove dust from them.

  • Ensure To Mop or Damp Regularly

Damp mopping goes a long way to removing dust from your home. You can do it with a clean rag or mop and water. Rap or mop removes dust very well and can be rinsed into the drain.

  • Install A Humidifier

It can be so painful to see dust after cleaning the house. Usually, when the room is dry, dirt builds up on the surface of static electricity. To eliminate the dust on static electricity, simply install a relative humidifier that keeps the dust down.

  • Always Dust Upholstery and Blinds

When cleaning the house, it is not only the floor. Your curtains, lampshade, or even couch holds a lot of dust. Clean blinds by dusting regularly. Practice regular cleaning by using a dry vacuum or steam cleaner to ensure your home is free from dust.


Get a good vacuum cleaner and clean the house regularly. Dust can be easily eliminated if these measures are taken correctly. Cleaning can either be done once a week or every day for a healthy lifestyle. Finally, dust is one of the worst enemies of air ducts. If you can eliminate dust then your air duct with be dust free. It will reduce the frequency of your air duct cleaning.