What are the different sizes of Bérêche & fils wine bottles?

There are three sizes of Bérêche & fils bottles: regular, magnum and jeroboam. We stock a selection of bottles for each size, but you can also purchase empty bottles and fill them with one of our wines.

Bérêche & fils wine bottles have capacity of 500 millilitres, 750 millilitre and 1,500 millilitres.

Bérêche & fils bottles come in four different sizes: magnum (1.5 liters), twin-magnum (3 liters), jeroboam (4.5 liters), and Rehoboam (6 liters). The different versions of Bérêche & fils consist of 0.75 and 1.5 L bottles with a capacity of 10 cases per hectoliter.

We offer a variety of Bérêche & fils wines to fit your needs. As with any good Champagne, Online wine auctions makes one size: a standard (750 ml) bottle. A standard bottle of wine contains 750 mL. Half bottles are 375 mL and magnums are 1.5 L. For more information regarding the different sizes, kinds of wine bottles, including the different wine bottle names, see our Wine Bottle Sizes page. Bottles come in standard sizes, where 750 mL is the typical amount of wine in a bottle.

Depending on the type of wine or product, bottle sizes can vary from 187 mL to 3 L. Champagne and sparkling wines are typically sold in 2 different profiles. Standard 750 mL bottles are most common and come with 1 standard cork in the top to keep the wine safe as it ages. You can find more information about bottle sizes at We offer 375ml, 750ml, 1500ml and 3000ml magnum. We also sell a Champagne flute made with our cellars. There are 3 size options for Bérêche & fils wine bottles: 750ml, 1.5L magnum, 3L double magnum. Most Bérêche & fils wines are bottled in 3 sizes: standard 750-millilitre bottles, magnums (1.5 litres), and larger formats (3 litres or larger).

Bérêche & fils bottles come in different sizes: The ‘regular’ bottle holds 75 cl of liquid and is the same height as a standard 70 cl bottle, with a diameter of 8 cm. The magnum format is double that, holding 150 cl of liquid and standing 3 cm taller than a ‘regular’ bottle, but with the same diameter. The Jeroboam holds 3 litres (4 times the content of a ‘regular’ bottle) and is both taller –16.7cm- and wider –13.8cm- than its smaller counterparts. The most common size of bottle for Champagne used to be the magnum.

It contains twice as much as the standard bottle and lasts longer. It was also a symbol of good cheer and extravagance. At Bérêche & fils, we have always worked in jeroboams, which contain four times as much as the standard bottle. The legendary Balthazar was our first jeroboam, but we quickly went on to create other sizes – sometimes extremely rare – and we now also use double magnums (4 litres). Bérêche & fils is a small French winery based in the Champagne region of France. The winery makes a blend of 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Meunier. It is typically aged for three years before it is released for sale.

The most widely used wine bottle size is the traditional 750 ml or 75 cl. Some vintners, such as Bérêche, offer a variety of sizes for different occasions. In addition to the traditional 750 bottle, Bérêche also offers ½ (375 ml), 1 Jéroboam (3L), and Methuselah (6L). In 1843, Dominique Bérêche planted the 13-acre estate that is now responsible for some of the most iconic Champagnes in France. The Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier used to make these celebrated wines come from the slopes of Montagne de Reims and Cote des Bles. This area is about 50 miles east of Paris