What Are The Advantages Of Large Marquees For Events?

The rental of big tents for events brings many advantages for celebrating multiple events. Among the large-format marquees, the pavilion marquees stand out. These are the most used large tents for large-scale events and pop-up events. In this post, we will explain the advantages of this marquee and Bedouin tents, which are also large.

How To Cover And Protect Large Outdoor Spaces?

Large tents allow for organizing large-scale events at any time of the year. The assembly of these tents, such as pavilion tents or Bedouin tents, is more expensive and durable than other types of tents. But, unlike the latter, they offer total event protection and allow many events to be developed within them.

Variety Of Large Tents For Rent

Top Tent offers a wide range of large tents for rent. We have white marquee tents, transparent marquee tents, and mixed marquee tents. These tents are distinguished by their large open interior space. Multiple pavilion tents can be joined together to create even larger tents.

Marquee tents can be fully enclosed and air-conditioned, providing the necessary protection for outdoor events in cold weather. However, it takes more forethought and assembly time.

This protection is essential for large events that occur during the cold season or are not as hot as in summer. Thanks to its use, events such as concerts, galas, sporting events, corporate events, weddings, communions, fairs, major festivals, and conferences. Its use makes it possible to cover the spaces necessary for every event and event organizer.

We also have other large format tents, which are the Bedouin tents and American Tent for instance. They do not offer as much protection as pavilion tents. They cannot be installed completely closed, although outdoor heaters can be incorporated. This will improve outdoor comfort. They are ideal for large events organized between April and October. Their unique and eye-catching shape makes them very popular for weddings.

In combination with the right accessories. Lighting, sound, floristry, tableware, furniture, platforms, stoves, and stages. Event organizers can achieve the style they want for the pavilion and Bedouin tents.

Pavilion Tents

Pavilion tents like 20×40 tent are large tents that can be used for large events all year round. They can be fully enclosed and air-conditioned. We have white pavilion tents, transparent pavilion tents, and mixed pavilion tents.

Bedouin Capitals

Bedouin marquees are our most popular type of marquee for special events, such as weddings. Especially during the summer months. They offer protection against rain, sun, wind, and humidity. But they cannot be closed or air-conditioned in their entirety.