What Are 10 Qualities of a First Aider?

The difference a first aider makes during emergencies can’t be overemphasized. The service this profession offers is priceless. A first aider offers a fast response before other emergency services play their parts. Works that require using heavy machinery, and lifting heavy weights need to have a first aider on board.

Important Qualities a First Aider Should Have

What are some of the key qualities of a first aider? Below are 10 top qualities every first aider needs to have.


A first aider needs to believe in positive outcomes. A positive outlook is more likely to bring a good result. Believing in the ability to handle any challenge is vital to be an effective first aider.

Decisive and intelligent 

A first aider ought to be able to decide on the right treatment to apply in seconds. Intelligence is also important. Being able to prioritize what to do in a situation saves lives. For instance, making the right calls and keeping injured people stable before help comes is intelligent.

Ability to work under pressure

First aiders work in different situations. Some cases are more serious than others. It can range from a cut finger to a cardiac arrest. Being able to work under pressure is key for a first aider.

Being prepared for this and understanding how to react fast to any situation will make a first aider more efficient.


It’s essential that a first aider can assess a situation as fast as possible. He/she needs to be able to establish possible risks to the victim and himself/herself.

A risk that may occur from a situation needs to be considered and deciding the best course of action should immediately follow – even before approaching the victim.

Effective communication

For a first aider to function well, effective communication is vital. You will need to communicate with the victim(s) in every situation, including high-pressure ones. Being an effective communicator can’t be ignored in this profession. It’s necessary!


This profession requires effective teamwork. A first aider, therefore, needs to have the ability to work with a team.

There will be situations where you will need to work with the emergency services. You need to be cooperative for the best outcome to be achieved. Also being able to lead a team is useful.


Being able to be calm and well-organized during a high-pressure situation is key for a first aider. You shouldn’t panic or show it when you are on duty. Exhibit coolness, calmness, and confidence in your actions. These abilities will come easily with various pieces of training.


A first aider ought to always have the right materials inside his/her first aid kit. It is essential to be resourceful. Even when you observe that a tool is missing, making immediate arrangements to get it is important. A first aider also needs to be able to effectively delegate responsibilities.


Emergencies do occur in different locations, including in awkward and remote environments. Being physically fit is therefore important for a first aider. Getting to the victim(s) on time requires some decent level of fitness. You also need to get them out when needed.


If you can easily imagine yourself in the mind of a victim, you will do better as a first aider. Empathy is very vital for this profession. This trait helps you to understand people as well as be able to positively frame events.


The function of a first aider can’t be overemphasized. First aiders are needed in different industries. Developing these qualities makes a first aider more efficient. Finally, you can attend a red cross certified CPR course to learn more about first aid.