Wedding Concepts And Ideas: Most Popular Themes To Try


One of the most crucial things for a couple to settle for a wedding is the theme. It is essential to choose a theme as early as possible to make the planning process smooth. The chosen concept helps shape and craft the look and feel of the entire event. It includes color themes, table and decor ideas, as well as attire and dresses. Some couples take the liberty to combine several wedding themes to come up with a unique one. Others create something new that will fit their preferences. Here are some great ideas for wedding themes.

Chic and trendy

For those who want a little something above and beyond the traditional wedding theme, this concept offers elegance and fashion. Chic and trendy means staying ahead or setting trends and taking bold risks. Couples do not follow the fad but become trendsetters instead. Confidence and inspiration are critical factors to pull off this kind of theme.


Defined by intricate lanterns, rich, vivid colors, flowing fabrics, and riches, the Moroccan theme is excellent for those who want an elaborate and animated event. Some tone it down by opting for the minimalist version. This concept makes use of pouf seating instead of traditional chairs. Plenty of tassels and tapestries are also in use. Using as many Moroccan rugs as possible will complete the feel. Beautiful and symbolic Pampas grasses are always in view for a Moroccan-theme wedding.


Surrounding yourself and the guests with plants and hanging vines from the rafters give off a natural feel. Let the ladies wear flowers in their hair to complete a more natural look. Using nature as a background is perfect for this theme. Book a state park, mountain lodge, or somewhere along the lakeside or a beach. Keep in mind not to overdo the decorations to avoid overpowering the natural surroundings. Favors can be flower seeds, small trees to plant, or even a donation to a nature center. Decors are usually branches, moss, and greenery.

Winter wonderland

This cute wedding theme will make everyone’s winter very memorable. Covering the ground with fake snow and the ceilings with mock Northern Lights will help achieve the winter wonderland theme. Blue-lit nighttime trees surrounding everyone will complete the concept. Use soft blues, whites, and silver to match this theme. Unique venues, such as museums, estates, or lodges, are perfect for pulling this off. A warm and cozy fireplace will help guests not to get chilly.


Vintage ideas come from the past. Most eras gone by are romantic, exotic, and stunning. If you decide to go with this theme, make sure to choose one period you connect with and not based on how pretty it looks. Ancient Greece is easy to recognize with its elegance and unique art, gods, and outfits. Long flowy dresses, and oversized trays of fruits and cheese, will complete this theme. A venue with columns will be perfect.
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