Web Traffic Acquisition Role: The Essential Attributes

Getting web traffic has always been an uneasy role from large corporate to small businesses across the world or locally. The nature of the web traffic acquisition job requires the person to be able to work from a large advertising budget, to a tight budget, to sometimes working with free traffic sources. What is exactly in the role of web traffic acquisition?

Independent working attributes

The role must be able to build, plan and implement traffic acquisition strategy not once, but adjust the strategy according to all the external changes. The person must be capable to identify key traffic acquisition KPIs and metrics, monitor and manage online campaigns, build online engagement and exposure strategy, analyze keywords, web traffic, and market trends.

Team work attributes

In internet marketing, this role must work with different growth teams locally and across the world (with teams that are responsible for specific geographical regions). He must help these teams to track, measure and analyze user engagement and conversions, track and manage multiple lead generation channels, and increase organic traffic. Usually when working in a team and corporate environment, the person will need to have more than adequate and/or excellent skills in communication, presentation, organizational and time-management.

Search engine optimization related attributes

In search engine optimization, performing research and identifying effective content and keywords are important. The role must either lead to (or participate to) implement best SEO practices and techniques, prepare and present reports on marketing strategy, and stay up to date with latest technologies and best practices whether it is for SEO or out of the scope of SEO. A strong backlink acquisition strategy must be created and implemented. In terms of long term partnership, the web traffic acquisition guy must build relationships and networks with bloggers, journalists and industry influencers. These are the resources for public releases, and backlinks.

Compulsory skills

The previous number of years working in the same role or similar roles is a plus for the web traffic acquisition person. He/she needs to have practical experience working with SEO, email marketing, many parts in digital marketing and Social Media. The person must have a data-driven mindset, strong analytical skills and experience in tracking relevant metrics. Being able to implement website projects through WordPress (and some of other website builders), HTML, and Google Analytics would add points to his/her credibility. The role must possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are most probably out of the scope of internet marketing.