Transitioning Your Job Search To Remote


Many industries have seen numerous changes since the pandemic, the professional world being one of them. Remote work has become the new normal and employers have already noticed the advantages of it. Not only do their employees have more flexibility in their schedule, but a healthier work/life balance when working from home. These positive changes have allowed many individuals to be more focused and efficient in their work. Likewise, job seekers have noticed a change as well.

Adjusting To Changes

The process for seeking a new job is distinctly different from before the pandemic. Many professionals are accustomed to emailing their cover letter and resume, rifling through various job boards, and being attentive of their social media activity. Nowadays, it is more common to go through the interview, job offering and negotiation process without meeting anyone in-person. Moreover, several companies are on boarding newly hired employees remotely, as well. There are multiple advantages to switching to remote, but as with everything, remote job seeking brings about a new set of obstacles and entails a considerable amount of focus and self-motivation.

Stick To A Routine

Some individuals can thrive in their position no matter the environment or circumstances while others feel more comfortable when there are clear and defined boundaries between home and work. Working remotely blurs these lines and can create some difficulty when switching between the two. Similarly to working from home, sticking to a consistent routine during your job search is essential. It might mean setting small, achievable goals such as revising your cover letter by a certain date or applying to a specific amount of job postings each day. This will help you avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and prevent any possible procrastination.

Expand Your Network

Developing a diverse professional network is now even more vital for job seekers. With a large portion of the professional world switching to remote, the opportunity for casual, everyday networking has now greatly diminished. However, this also means that those in your professional circle may be more readily available to phone calls, emails and social media updates. Make an effort to reach out and keep in touch with them on a consistent basis — whether it’s a virtual coffee break to chat about new and upcoming industry trends or just a simple email asking for advice.

For these and other tips and tricks you can utilize to be successful with your job search see the following resource. It offers advice and small reminders that can aid you when traversing through the current labor market.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group

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