Top 3 Factors to Consider When Hiring Building Inspectors

You can’t build a building wherever you want. More than 120,000 Americans work as inspectors. They spend their time examining worksites and making sure a building meets local guidelines.

If you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, you need to think about hiring building inspectors. But finding a random inspector online won’t do you any good. You need to consider some factors.

What should you think about in terms of cost? How can you assess the experience of a building inspector? What resources should you use to evaluate someone’s reputation for inspecting commercial buildings?

Answer these questions and you can start your construction project alongside an expert inspector. Here is your quick guide.


Inspecting commercial buildings can cost a lot of money. If you have a large property, an inspector may need several hours to make sure it is okay. Even small inspections can cost a few hundred dollars.

Pursue multiple options for inspectors. Give each one a call and ask them for a quote. Then start comparing inspection fees together.

You should not just go for the cheapest option. They may be adjusting their prices because they offer different services. Find one that gives you the services you need at an affordable price.

Experience and Qualifications

Some states do not specify qualifications and experience for building inspectors. But you can assess building inspection experience through a few questions. Use this guide to form several.

Ask someone you might hire what the fundamental structure of a house should be. They should talk to you about the foundation, walls, and roofing.

Ask them about previous inspections they’ve done. If you can, you should visit the properties that they have inspected. Talk to the owners of those properties to see if the inspector was honest.

Get their resume and see what their educational background is like. You should hire someone who has gotten a certification, especially through the International Code Council. Do not hire anyone without a college degree.


Read online customer reviews on third-party sites. Many inspectors show testimonials on their websites, but they select the most positive ones. Go to Yelp for a more honest appraisal.

Look through multiple categories of reviews. Read the ones that are voted as the most helpful, and look at reviews of different ratings.

You should only hire someone who has strong ratings and comments. But figure out why they may have gotten negative reviews. The reviews may have come toward the start of their career when they were more inexperienced.

What to Think About When Hiring Building Inspectors

You must start hiring building inspectors. But don’t pick up the phone until you’ve done some thinking.

The cost of hiring an inspector can total hundreds of dollars. Yet that doesn’t mean an inspector should ask for high rates. Compare different quotes from your area.

Ask questions related to basic knowledge of inspections. Get a sense of their background by talking to their previous clients.

Go online and read customer reviews. Assess the inspector’s strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

You can build your business on strong practices. Follow our coverage for more business and construction guides.