Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Right Way to Quit: How to Leave a Job on Good Terms

Are you surprised to hear that four out of five people don’t like their jobs?

If you’re among this large crowd, you might want to know how to leave a job on good terms. Even if you have a toxic work environment or an incompetent boss, it’s always better to stay professional and avoid cutting ties in the business world.

Could you use some help figuring out how to resign from a job? Read on for some top tips from experts.

Have a New Job Lined Up

One of the essential tips for leaving a job is to have another opportunity lined up so you can maintain financial security. Money is a leading cause of stress, so you shouldn’t make life more complicated by scrambling to make ends meet.

Working with digital marketing recruiters, sending out your resume, and networking are productive ways to find a suitable replacement job.

Give Sufficient Notice

The right way to quit a job is to give your boss appropriate notice. As a general rule of thumb, employees should strive to continue working for two weeks after informing their employer that they plan to leave.

Some industries are where privacy is an issue, so your boss may ask you to go right away.

Try to Resign in Person

The best way to resign is in person if you have the ability. When you’re more personal with your boss, they’ll be able to sense your gratitude and sincerity.

If you aren’t comfortable or able to resign in person, then you could set up a Zoom video call or write a proper email. You can research sample resignation letters to ensure you follow the etiquette.

Make Sure Your Desk Is Cleared Out

Anyone who knows that they’re leaving soon should start tidying up their desk, so they don’t forget to do anything. If you haven’t given your notice yet, you can work on more sensitive areas like your drawers.

Backing up relevant files on your computer and packing your personal belongings will ensure your replacement has a clear space to get started in.

Say Goodbye to Your Coworkers

Not all of us are lucky enough to get along well with our coworkers. Even if you aren’t close with the people you work with, it’s polite to say goodbye.

Maintaining a positive relationship could benefit you in the future due to networking.

How to Leave a Job on Good Terms

Figuring out how to leave a job on good terms isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. While there is the potential for some awkward encounters, staying kind and professional will help you navigate this situation with grace.

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