Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Rewarding Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business


70% of companies in the United States actively invest in content marketing, and for a good reason.

In today’s digital age, with at least 26% of U.S. adults spending the majority of their time online, exposure through digital media is essential for a business’s success.

This is true for connecting with all audiences of all ages, and even more so for the younger generations.

Yet, content marketing itself may not be enough. If you’re not investing in video marketing for your business, you could be missing out on engaging with thousands of clients or customers.

How can video marketing take your business’s marketing strategy to the next level? Why is it so crucial that you get on this trend now?

Keep reading to find out how you can start benefiting from implementing a video marketing strategy.

Increase Awareness and Understanding About Your Business

Posting a picture on Instagram is a great way to introduce yourself, your business, or a new product. Many people use this business marketing strategy, but there may be a better way.

Creating a video is an excellent way to explain a new product and develop a better understanding of what your business does. You can get much more thorough with a video and still hold your audience’s attention.

If you did so in a post, it would require a lot of text and possible slides, which you are much less likely to get your followers to engage with.

As a customer, they can better understand what a product does or what your company offers. Studies show that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

If your business is something duller, you can create videos that are exciting and draw attention to a company that might get overlooked otherwise.

Be Apart of the Second Most Popular Website in the World

You’re probably already aware that Youtube is an extremely popular site, but did you know it’s the second most visited site and second most used search engine in the world (right after Google)?

That’s powerful considering that Youtube accounts for 15% of global internet traffic. That’s billions of people using Youtube and watching, searching for, and engaging with videos.

When revamping your company marketing strategy, a wise place to start is on a widely used search engine. That’s why Youtube is so important as a platform.

It’s not just a website, but it’s a place where people go to try to solve problems. “How-to” videos are some of the most searched on Youtube, and companies are cashing in on this.

If your business offers solutions to issues, creating videos that can offer help can gain you followers that turn into customers quickly. Since you’re using a site that already has billions of users, you’re much more likely to gain an audience than you would be otherwise.

Rank Higher in Google

Since you’re using the second most popular search engine, you might as well also use the first. Ranking high on Google search pages is one of the best ways to get the attention of potential clients.

Yet, ranking high isn’t as easy as you might like. Adding videos to your website makes it much more likely for you to rank high on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, specifically on the first page.

This is essential as most people don’t scroll past the first page, which means if you’re not first, you’re last, and losing out on millions if not billions of potential customers.

Connect With Every Type of Customer

Because you can create video content in every corner of the internet, you’re able to connect with every type of customer that’s on the internet.

For example, Facebook Watch draws a different crowd than Tiktok. You also have IGTV, Twitter Stories, and, as mentioned before, Youtube.

All of the different social media platforms have different audience bases. If you study each separate platform, you can find which your audience uses the most and tailor your videos to that specific platform.

Then, if you’d like to widen your reach, tweak your videos to match other platforms too. This will require creating different kinds of content, but it could also potentially gain you a whole other audience base you would have never thought to reach out to.

If you’d like more help deciding what social media platform is right for your business, there is research out there that can help guide you, so make sure to check it out.

Build Better Brand Affiliation

When you watch a video, you receive both audio and visual stimulation, which allows you to better connect with the content you’re consuming.

You become more invested, which means clients that watch your videos will create a stronger affiliation with your brand.

This is comparable to television commercials versus ads in a magazine. You are much more likely to remember the commercial because you connected with the story the commercial told. You also probably remember the music or jingle and now associate that with whatever product was being sold.

Consumers are also more likely to be more interested in the content if it is in video form, which means more chance of paying attention to what you’re saying.

This is especially important for new or small businesses that are not yet recognized and depend on loyal customers to return. Make it easier on yourself, and implement videos to your digital marketing strategy.

Appear More in Social Feeds

Social media algorithms are made to show users what they want to see. This is especially true for Facebook and Instagram.

The algorithm is based on a user’s previous history on the platform. And, since most users are watching videos, a business that posts videos are more likely to show up.

Not only this, but users are more willing to stop scrolling for a video than a post, especially if it is an eye-catching video.

93% of businesses who create videos for social media say they landed a new customer due to these videos. It’s undeniable that videos are a great strategy for attracting new customers, especially on social media platforms.

Build Trust in Your Company

When you shoot a video, your personality and emotion are better able to get through than when you post a video or write a blog post.

The viewer is able to get a good sense of who you are, which means you can more easily build a trusting relationship.

You can do so by shooting interviews, behind the scene videos, customer testimonials, and more, showing your passion behind your work and allowing the viewers in to see who you really are.

Customers are more likely to buy products from someone they trust, and you can easily reach millions of people by creating videos that do just that.

This is especially true when you’re dealing with the world of online sales. It’s easy to get scammed when making an online purchase, but if they already know they trust you or your company, there is less hesitation when it comes to making that purchase.

Add a Human Touch

You can tell when an e-mail or a caption on a post was written by a robot. You probably give it very little attention because it means a lot less.

Anything digital that doesn’t have a human touch doesn’t do as well. That’s why it is so crucial to put as much personality as you can into your e-mails and captions, though it still doesn’t come through clearly.

Creating videos, however, requires that you add a human touch. Interactive videos that allow your personality to shine through are that missing ingredient in the other types of content you create.

The viewer will feel as if you are talking to them, creating a digital type of human connection. A customer is much more likely to find this interesting than when compared to a robot typing up an Instagram ad.

Move Fast Before the Market Is Saturated

As more and more companies are learning the benefits of video marketing, your competition will skyrocket. Sure, you might make that “How-To” video on Youtube that went viral, but soon, every other business similar to yours will be doing the same thing.

Get ahead of the game and start making videos now, before the market gets saturated with similar videos to what you want to make.

Answer the questions that your customers are asking before your competition does. However, make sure you are also creating unique, quality content, or it will never be sustainable.

You want to be consistent and answer questions, but you should also try to bring something special to the table. This will keep your marketing strategy lasting a much longer time, even when more and more businesses jump on board with the video content strategy.

Capitalize on a No Cost Strategy

Many businesses may think that video marketing requires costly equipment and takes up a huge amount of time. However, this couldn’t be less true.

There is a good chance that you have a 1080p camera on your smartphone, which means you already have all of the equipment that you need. Sure, you could invest in another camera, as well as lighting and sound equipment, but none of this is truly necessary.

All you need is a decent camera, free basic editing software, and an internet connection, but the rewards will bring tons of money in for you.

This makes video marketing an excellent strategy for a new or small business, where lowering costs is always the priority.

Video Marketing Is Available Everywhere, All the Time

Consumers are watching videos everywhere they go, which means there is always the opportunity for them to find your videos and therefore find your business.

Almost all social media platforms are available as apps on mobile devices, and more people are watching videos on their phones instead of their computers, making it possible to watch videos virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.

And, since people are consuming video content more than anything else, adding your business to the videos out there gives you a much better chance at reaching your audience.

Create an Always-on Salesperson

When you create videos that demonstrate the products your business sells, these videos become salespeople that are always ready to sell.

No matter what time of night or day that someone stumbles upon these videos, they are being sold a product whether they realize it or not. You no longer have to do the work here, as you already did it when you created the video.

Instead, the video will continue to do the work for you as long as it continues to show up in search engines. You get to sit back and watch as you passively sell products to customers.

This is another reason why creating quality content is so important. You want videos that will last a long time and reach many people, and the only way to do that is to create something that provides value.

Reap the Benefits of Video Marketing

Now that you know the undeniable benefit of video marketing, do you feel inspired to start creating a new strategy for your business? Implementing videos can only benefit you, and the sooner you start, the better.

Just remember to focus on quality, create videos that target your chosen audience, and always add that human touch. You’ll see engagement rates soar in no time.

While you’re looking to better your business, make sure to browse through the various sections on our website today.