The Hottest Instagram Grid Ideas to Gain More Followers


Is your Instagram grid looking cluttered, boring, or otherwise lackluster?

Many people don’t consider the aesthetic of their grids while they’re posting. For the average person with a personal account, the Instagram grid itself isn’t important. For anyone who’s using a grid for business or self-promotion, however, a nice grid can make a huge difference.

If you’re not sure how to switch things up, we’ve got a few helpful  instagram source ideas that can help! Keep reading for our top Instagram ideas that can inspire you.

Checkerboard Tiles

This is one grid type that you’ll have to start planning before starting an Instagram account if you don’t want to have to delete a lot of content (or you can switch it up any time, but that’s more difficult and it won’t look as cohesive until you’ve made several rows of posts).

For this, you’re going to make every other post match. This creates an obvious checkerboard shape every time you have a full row of three posts (and it’s best to post the row all at once if you don’t want to lose the shape of your grid).

Many people choose to do blank or designed tiles mixed with photos. This makes the photos stand out more.

Rows and Columns

This is another grid style you’ll have to start early on. It’s similar to the checkerboard pattern, but you have more flexibility.

For this, you’re either going to go every other row or every other column and switch your images back and forth. This will create lines across your grid. You can buy ig followers from our website

While you can still use graphics or blank tiles for this, you can also set up a center column with one type of post, like video posts, and side columns with still images. You could also try center columns with one color and side columns with another.

Single-Color or Filter Grid

This is an easier grid style to create. You don’t have to post three posts at a time to maintain a cohesive appearance, you can use almost any photos in any order, and it’s fun.

For a single color or filter grid, all you have to do is make your photos match. If you have a colorful aesthetic (like all pastels, for example), this is going to come naturally.

If not, all you have to do is use matching filters. You could use the presets on Instagram, but we recommend using an external photo editing system. There are plenty of free options on the App store.

This way, you can make modifications to make sure that every photo matches, and you’ll have more unique photos.

Try These Instagram Grid Ideas

Are these Instagram grid ideas right for you? Whether you’re looking for something complicated and intricate or simple and sweet, at least one of these Instagram grid ideas is sure to work for your page.

Make your Instagram photo grid pop and show off your creativity!

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