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If you want to tidy up your garden, you sometimes don’t know where to start and what to do. So it is so handy that you have everything listed in advance. In this article you will find the most important things that give your garden a fresh and healthy look.

Cleaning tiles

Let’s start cleaning the tiles. You only have to do a few things to remove that nasty green deposit. First of all, wipe your tiles well, so that there are no leaves or dirt left. Now mix 1 liter of water with 1 liter of vinegar and scrub your pavement from front to back. Let this soak well into the tiles preferably on a sunny day and in the weeks that follow the green deposits will disappear and it will stay away longer.

Remove green deposits from the fence

Your fence also suffers from green deposits. To remove this, mix five tablespoons of green soap with five tablespoons of soda. Mix this with a generous amount of water and spread a small amount over the fence. Now take a half hard brush not a wire brush to polish your fence as well. Rinse it with water and your fence will shine again.

Remove green deposits from furniture

Your furniture can also be heavily attacked. That doesn’t look very fresh and luckily we have some soap for this too. The soapy water consists of 10 percent bleach, 90 percent water and a good splash of washing-up liquid. First, dry the furniture thoroughly and now first scrub the entire furniture without soap with a scouring pad. If the furniture is painted, it is better not to use too much soapy water. If it is untreated, you can go well with your soapy water. Use a new sponge for this. Finally, rinse your furniture with plenty of water and let it dry.

Remove dandelions

Dandelions reappear every year. Very annoying, so here’s the trick on how to remove them from your garden once and for all. To kill the dandelion, the taproot has to be raised from the ground. The deep taproot of the dandelion is best removed manually first. The root must be completely removed so that it does not come back. The spread of the dandelion is very fast with 2 or 3 plants at the same time, at least. There are special weed cutters or taproot cutters on the market to use. Dicot pesticides are the best choice if the lawn is full of these weeds. Please note that the pesticides are biodegradable. Otherwise you will damage the garden even more. You need the lawn topdresser for such works.

Other weeds

To remove other weeds, you can spray them with a homemade remedy. Be careful not to spray it on your beloved plants. They too can die from this remedy. Mix 480 milliliters of white vinegar with 140 grams of salt and a dash of washing-up liquid and put this in a large spray bottle. Spray it on your weeds and it will all die.

Heal plants

If your plants have been hit by the winter, it is best to sprinkle some cinnamon on the ground near the roots of the plant. Cinnamon has a healing effect and will ensure that your plant recovers quickly and gets its beautiful leaves back.

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