The Best Patient Appointment Scheduling Software in 2021

A routine physical exam is recommended for people once per year if you’re over 50 or once every 3 years if you’re under. That timetable is likely to accelerate in 2021 and beyond as more health-conscious people, post-COVID, will be interested in taking deeper advantage of their healthcare benefits.

If you’re a private medical practitioner, an influx of patients might be welcome news after a stretch of time where people were afraid to leave their homes. More patients though means a deeper need to get organized which patient appointment scheduling software enables.

For those of you that have not explored patient scheduling software yet, know that there are several options in the marketplace. Below, our team breaks down what some of the best options are so you can determine where to invest your money.

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Talk to medical practitioners about patient appointment scheduling software. When you do, there’s a good chance they’ll bring up NexHealth. NexHealth’s popularity rose on the back of its bullish 30-day free trial, no contract subscriptions, and robust features.

Speaking of features, expect a cloud-based service, easy online scheduling for patients, technology to enable video visits, patient messaging centers, and more.


Over 1000 health providers aren’t likely to be wrong. That’s exactly how many trust CentralReach with their scheduling needs! CentralReach, like NexHealth, is cloud-based which makes accessing the software a breeze.

Scheduling. Claims management. Billing. No matter what you need to manage in your practice, chances are, CentralReach has you covered.

What’s particularly exciting about this tool is its robust mobile app which your customers and clinicians will love.


Looking for an ultra-simple interface that your non-tech-savvy team can get behind? If so, give AdvancedScheduling a try.

AdvancedScheduling does the basics when it comes to your day-to-day needs. That includes pulling patient information, booking appointments, and the like. How it presents its information and options though, to both patients and medical workers, goes above and beyond.

We will say that in comparison to our first two picks, AdvancedScheduling does lack some feature robustness. Particularly, when it comes to pulling reports from data. Pair using this software with a great doctors answering service though, and you’ll be set to service your patients brilliantly!


Rounding out our list of patient scheduling software is the unforgettable NueMD. NueMD is easy to use (albeit less so than our last recommendation) and excels when it comes to medical billing.

Of course, NueMD does offer robust scheduling features. Still, if you’re also interested in checking revenue trends, payment status, and the like, you’ll want to give Nue extra focus.

NueMD has over 20,000 customers and continues to grow!

You’re Now Armed With Excellent Patient Appointment Scheduling Options

The hardest aspect of patient appointment scheduling is picking the right tool for your needs. We hope that by reading this post, you’ve taken a lot of the pressure off that process!

Patient appointment scheduling that’s streamlined is increasingly becoming an expectation for customers. So, no matter which tool you choose, choose one and do so soon.

Need additional help along the way? If you do, our team of patient appointment scheduling software enthusiasts is glad to help.

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