Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Must Have Restaurant Software Every Business Owner Needs

Are you planning on opening a restaurant?

If so, you’ll soon find out that one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is to handle the day-to-day operations. You’ll soon find that you have bigger problems than making sure the foie gras is of the best quality!

So how do you make your business operations much easier? You’ve got to pick the right restaurant software to handle these responsibilities.

Here are our recommendations on the best restaurant software:


If you’re looking for a great waitlist app you’ll find it in NextME. This app lets you create a reservation platform for your customers. They’ll visit your restaurant’s website and create a reservation without having to contact you directly.

You’ll receive a notification for the reservation immediately. This gives you ample time to start working on preparing the restaurant for the reservation.

It’s also a great app for keeping an organized list of your regular patrons. It’s perfect for finding ways to communicate with them in the future.


Tablein is one of the easiest and cheapest restaurant software options available. It integrates well with social media platforms and also gives you a chance to control your restaurant’s capacity.

You don’t have to use an app to operate Tablein as you can access the interface on any web browser. This is an ideal restaurant software for smaller restaurants though it doesn’t have many features for larger restaurants.


This is a well-known restaurant software that works great for medium-sized and large-sized restaurants so you might have to wait to scale before using it.

Resy has over 20 million users and is one of the leaders in the restaurant industry. This restaurant software helps you create reservations for your customers. It also gives an option for your employees to communicate with each other and handle their tasks through the interface.

Resy is one of the more expensive software options on this list. As a result, you’ll only want to consider it if the other options haven’t worked in your favor.


This is one of the most popular restaurant software options which works well online and on mobile devices. It’s easy to use and offers great training videos as well.

Its main purpose is to help you book reservations for your customers. For an additional cost, you can also offer services such as delivery for your customers.

This is perfect for restaurants of any size. You can find a great price range based on your restaurant’s needs.

Find Your Restaurant Software

Now you can find the ideal restaurant software for your establishment. This will help you create reservations and build a better relationship with your patrons.

NextME is the ideal solution for most restaurants. It’s easy to use online and as a mobile app. It offers great customer service and has garnered a great reputation among restaurant owners.

The other restaurant software options on this list are also great for booking reservations, communicating with patrons, and offering catering and delivery services.

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