Know About Nan Chul Shin And His Company Nan Inc.

Builder Mr. Nan Chul Shin established Nan, Inc. in Honolulu in 1990 with the simple goal of aiding Hawaii’s future development via the efforts of a young entrepreneur. Mr. Shin built his firm from the ground up by taking on the tiniest of construction tasks with tenacity and integrity, starting with the simple installation of a road sign with only him and one other worker.

Today, Nan, Inc. is the biggest locally owned and run general contractor in the state, having the capability and competence to complete the most challenging projects. For more than a century, we at Nan Inc. have been committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, operating with integrity, and being mindful of their needs in every project, while ensuring that our employees have the opportunity to work in an environment that is both rewarding and challenging.


As a result of Nan, Inc.’s extensive resources, superior construction management services, and technical experience, the company is capable of handling even the most challenging projects, such as contracts for an indeterminate amount of work spread across many sites. Nan, Inc. has conducted a number of multi-million dollar renovations throughout the years, including technical updates and preservation of historic characteristics.

Construction Administration

Nan, Inc. is regarded as one of the best construction management companies in the business. In the past, the organization has handled a variety of multi-million-dollar projects at once. Over the course of 30 indefinite-quantity projects, Nan, Inc. has shown itself to be an expert in project management and remarkable in performance. Nan, Inc.’s construction management team has amassed the necessary expertise since the company’s start to guarantee the quality, punctuality, and satisfaction of each project it oversees.

Contracting in all fields

Nan, Inc. has been a general contractor in the Pacific for more than 20 years and has accumulated a broad variety of construction knowledge. On every project, Nan, Inc. has the resources and determination to meet any deadline and budget while maintaining the finest level of quality in its work.


Architects and design consultants have worked closely with Nan, Inc. on a number of design-build projects. Projects like this have helped the organization to obtain significant insight into the design-construction process and create professional relationships with design companies in the Pacific. When it comes to construction, Nan, Inc. recognizes the value of the construction team’s early engagement in design and has the experience required avoiding and managing any issues before construction begins.

For more than a decade, the Nan Inc. has been providing high-quality construction services to a variety of clients in a variety of industries, including transportation. Two transport projects have been accomplished by the Hawaii General Contractor thus far, to the delight of the people of Hawaii. For more information regarding everything you should know about Nan Chul Shin, click here.