Is it okay to go for a divorce?

Divorce is a process that results in the breakdown of the marital ties with your spouse. There are multiple reasons for which a couple decides to go for a divorce. Sometimes it takes place mutually by the consent of both, and sometimes, it’s the decision of only one. In most countries, the process of divorce is completed with the consent of the court. Although divorce laws vary from state to state, to complete the legal process, one needs a lawyer. Wish to make the process easy and quick? Reach out to a Boston family law and divorce lawyer now. 

Grounds of  divorce:

  1. Cruelty/ Abuse: The first and foremost reason for divorce is cruelty by any of the spouses towards the other. Cruelty can be of various types. For instance, mental cruelty consists of verbal abuse, humiliation, etc. On the other hand, physical abuse means beating and inflicting other grievous harm on the body of the spouse. When any person is apprehending danger from his/her spouse, then they may choose to come out of the marriage by filing a divorce. 
  2. Intimacy does not exist: As the basic foundation of a relationship is based on intimacy, may it be physical or emotional. Therefore if the intimacy does not exist or ends completely between the spouses, the relationship also comes to an end. Moreover, if you feel lonely and vulnerable in the presence of your spouse or you cannot open up properly to them, it is a sign that your marriage is on the verge of ending.
  3. Lack of bonding: Despite your efforts and understanding, the bond between you and your spouse is not the same anymore. If both of you stop feeling the same for each other, divorce is the only option left. 
  4. Lack of communication and respect: Respect and communication is the main key to a healthy relationship. If you both rarely communicate, it can result in bigger issues in the relationship. Also, if you continually disrespect each other, divorce can be a good option. 


Marriage is a religious and holy sacrament between two people. It binds both in a holy union, and love, respect, and understanding build the foundation of this union. If any of the pillars break down, the marriage breaks down too. Try to fix things out, and if it is not working, reach out to a divorce lawyer for help.