Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Internet Marketing Does not Require Genius

Article courtesy of Dropship Supplements

As Thomas Edison famously said “ genius is one per cent inspiration ninety nine per cent perspiration”. Internet marketing does not require genius, present company accepted of course, but it does need persistence of the one per cent decision, ninety nine per cent action variety. There is such a multitude of products, ideas and information out there that it is only too easy to start many different things only to drop them again when they don’t appear to be supplying the instant buckets of cash as promised for your $ 29.99 sign up fee. This is why around nine out of every ten internet marketers never make a sale, give up and become just another moaner about “the web just being full of scams and nothing else”. Don’t get me wrong there are certainly lots of scams out there but there are also a lot of good products that are being badly marketed with the promise of “instant riches “ when what is really required to make it work is thought, planning and a bit of good old fashioned persistence. There is a saying that is very popular in forums at the moment you haven’t failed until you stop trying, a little glib perhaps but also true. It can be difficult with a new project too keep on when nothing seems to be working but this is what separates those that make it and those that don’t.

Try a different angle

When your pay per click campaign seems to be doing nothing but eating up money with little or no return, and you seem to be caught up in a cycle of scanning keyword lists for the one cheap word that no one else thought of, or signing up for course after course that will give you “the inside track on adwords” then getting the words disabled by google again, just step back for a day. Put your campaigns on hold to stop the erosion of your remaining funds but don’t give up! Take a break and work on something else for a while, research some new affiliate programmes or brush up the look and feel of your site, anything to take your mind off the problem for a while and get your focus on something else so that when you start work again you are fresh and out of the cycle of confusion that can happen when “ nothing seems to be going right”.

Take a hike

If all else fails and you are tired, broke and you just want to give up on running your own business, don’t ever forget that’s what it is, a business, then turn to the Germans for inspiration! When faced with a patient suffering mild depression a German doctor will sometimes prescribe “ a walk in the forest” as an alternative to medication. The savvy, and probably town bound marketeers alternative is to allow yourself to dream a little of what it will be like when you business is up and running and making rather than costing money. Take a little walk on the richer side of town look at the cars by the side of the road and decide which one you will buy when you make your business work, but not only which one but what model will it have a cd player, air conditioning, leather upholstery and top of the range sat nav? Will you even need to drive it yourself? Look at the houses a nice duplex maybe or a townhouse by the river? And the shops Armani or Luis Vuitton? All a bit aspirational but these are things that very few will ever get by working for someone else and it will help to put all thoughts of giving up out of your mind and replace them with a fresh determination to solve the problem. When the option of quitting is removed the mind clears and good thoughts take the place of the negative and the positive take their place. The only thing to give up is giving up itself.