Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How to Make a Popup Form That Converts

Your digital business presence is critical to driving sales. You have a website and landing pages for your target audience to find you, but if you are not careful, you risk losing them.

It’s more than just getting them to visit your pages. You want them to act and become a repeat customer.

A great method for converting website visitors to customers is using website popups. Before you try it, you need a little background on what works. How to make a popup form that will increase conversion rates is vital.

According to statistics from Sumo, the best pop-ups average a conversion rate of 9.28%. If you have 1,000 visitors to your website in a week, that will mean about 93 sign-ups. Not bad!

How do you create great popup forms? Let us explain in better detail.

Start With a Goal

Before you create website popups, you cannot reach the result that you want if you don’t know what that result is. What are you looking to accomplish?

  • Increase subscribers to a newsletter
  • Inform your customers of new products
  • Position your brand as thought-leaders

You will want to create metrics so that you can measure results. This will help you meet and exceed your goals. Determine what it is you want to get from the popups and how you will measure a successful result.


You must focus on one result only. If you include too many offers, it gets confusing, and the visitor will bounce off the pop-up. There is not much time to grab the visitors’ attention when they see the pop-up, so do not overcomplicate it.

Customers want you to be authentic. They want something genuine, clear, and simple.

Tell them directly what the offer is and do not make it seem like it is from a pushy salesperson. The customer will know instantly if they feel your offer is of value to them.

Don’t Ask For Too Much

You can increase website conversion by maintaining a simple form, like just email signups, nothing else. The longer it takes to complete a form, the more likely the visitor won’t want to deal with it. It must be something that they can complete quickly for you.

Not only that, but people today are also concerned about their privacy. They do not want to tell you too much about themselves. An excellent method to decide if your popup will work is to look at it and ask yourself, “Would I sign up for this?”

Time It Right

Your website popups will be as effective as the way you time them. For instance, when you first visit a site and you did not see the website, just a pop-up, does that seem like too much?

It is better to let the visitor peruse your website before you ask for their details. An excellent time to display website popups is when a visitor leaves, not when they arrive.


To find the best conversion when you start with your website popups, testing is important. Test variations to find the best results. The data and metrics will shed light on what is most effective.

How to Make a Popup Form

This is all you need for an excellent ROI from a popup form. Start with your goal, make a simple form, time it right, and test it.

If you can follow these tips, you know how to make a popup form that will rock the results. Go get them!

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