How To Implement Simplistic Design Into Your Product Packaging


Did you know that 30,000 new products launch every year?

With this comes the need to design a packaging presentation that is appealing to customers. It should also align with brand identity and speak to the product quality.

No matter what the product is, it’s safe to say that less is more. In other words, simplistic design is not only more trendy these days, but more powerful.

If you’re launching a new product in 2022, we’ll show you how to implement minimalist packaging designs.

Logo As the Focal Point

No matter what you have in your packaging presentation, it should all point back to your logo. It’s the crowning jewel of your brand–the most distinguishable marker of your business’s individuality.

Remember, less is more.

Your minimalist packaging design could entail your logo in the center of your packaging. You need nothing behind it but a blank backdrop. Maybe the logo could be embossed with gold or another big-statement color.

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Less Is More

We’ve all seen packaging presentations that have ten different colors and four paragraphs of text. Cut that down by sticking to two or three colors that you already incorporate into your branding.

A simplistic design doesn’t have to be boring, though. Basic graphics with a sparse amount of details are still trendy. You could even add a silhouette of an animal or whatever else represents your brand. No further details are needed.

This should translate into text, too. Choose a few poignant words that describe your brand. Or, briefly explain what your product does. You can always include more details on the back, or in the instructions.

Lowercase Everything

Rules are meant to be broken.

Long gone are the days of capitalizing the first word in every sentence. Lowercase titles and text give an air of casualty and quiet confidence.

Lowercase also conveys that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Instead, you’re friendly, approachable, and playful. Your product quality speaks for itself.

Focus on Texture

In the absence of verbose sentences and a rainbow of colors, lean into different textures. If you are worried customers will be bored or unimpressed with your minimalist packaging, unconventional materials will be interesting enough.

For example, think about how satisfying it is to run your fingers over books with embossed titles or deckled edges. The principle applies to simplistic design, too.

This kind of packaging can also be more sustainable. A lot of environmentally friendly materials have some more interesting textures.

flexible packaging

Infographic provided by Eagle Flexible Packaging, a flexible packaging company


Simplistic Design in 2022

For the past few years, we’ve seen minimalism in new products packaging. The “less is more” trend for packaging presentation in 2022 is no different.

In fact, a simplistic design that matches your brand identity is very impactful. That’s why it’s important to incorporate these tips into your next product launch.

If you need more tips and tricks on business and branding, look no further. We’ve got everything for you right here.

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