How to Design a Shirt to Market Your Business


One of the best ways to market your business is with a custom shirt. Everywhere you go, people will see your business information, helping spread the word about your brand or services provided.

To design a shirt, you need to know how to market your business. When you wear a shirt with your company’s information on it, you’re promoting your business, so the right marketing strategy is essential.

If you’re looking for shirt design tips and the best way to market your business through clothing, then this article has the best resources out there.

How to Design a Shirt

The first step in this process is to brainstorm. What is your product, and what do you want to convey to consumers? Do you have an eye-grabbing logo that lets people know what your business does or the services it offers?

In the beginning process of creating a shirt, it’s best to grab a pencil and paper and let your creativity flow. Is there a symbol that’s special to your business? This is where you should let your ideas fly, incorporating your creativity with information that expresses your business.

If you need assistance with a logo, graphic designers can work with you to create something that’s attention-getting and expresses what your company has to offer.

Promote an Event

Your business may host a special event, making it an excellent time to sell merch. Catchy logos that make interesting and attractive shirts can be sold as memorabilia and bring in additional money for your business.

Be sure to include the date of the event, along with the location. If your business is serious, then keep your shirt design more professional. For relaxed or whimsical businesses, look for a shirt design that’s fun and casual.

Employee Uniforms

When employees wear your business logo on their shirt, they’re promoting your company all day long. This also makes it easier for customers to spot employees and to ask them questions. When choosing shirts for employee uniforms, be mindful of the type of work you do and the climate.

Employees that work outside need breathable materials that are comfortable to work in. Choose long and short sleeve options. Indoor employees may need long sleeves if you’re going for a more professional appearance.

After you design a shirt, find a print shop such as to bring your shirts to life. If you’re printing shirts for employees, be sure to know their sizes ahead of time. When promoting a special event, try and get a feel for how many people might be in attendance when ordering shirts to sell.

Putting It All Together

Once you have your custom shirts, remember to use your website if you intend to sell merch, displaying the items you have for sale. Offer shirts in a variety of sizes and color options, attracting more consumers. Design a shirt that employees like and encourage them to wear your shirts to promote your business, and have your business information visibly available on your shirts.

For more information about marketing your business and promoting brand awareness, check out our other great articles. We’ve got the most resourceful information for all your business needs.


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