Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How to Clean Concrete at Commercial Properties

Nothing screams “unprofessional” more than a dirty concrete entrance.

First impressions are important. When a customer walks into your establishment, they’re already deciding whether or not to trust you with their dollars.

Competent staff and prompt service are only part of the equation. Cleanliness is crucial, and customers can see that before they even interact with you.

Concrete is notorious for collecting dirt, grime, and moss over the years. It won’t come off with a hose or a broom. You need power washing to get clean concrete.

Keep reading for more on how to clean concrete flooring and make your business stand out.

Why Have Clean Concrete?

You’ve probably seen those power-washing videos on the internet. In an afternoon a driveway goes from looking like an abandoned home to brand new. Humans love the before and after of cleaning, and they love clean concrete after pressure washing.

Clean concrete flooring also keeps your concrete in good health. Even the best commercial floor cracks and crumbles with time. Concrete flooring can last for many years if you use a floor cleaner on a regular basis.

Not only that, clean concrete is safe. Filthy puddles of grease and oil pose a hazard to your clients. They could sue you for damages should they fall in an oily slick.

Prep Your Concrete for Pressure Washing

Use a broom to brush away as much dirt and grime as you can. Then make a solution with laundry detergent or buy a floor cleaner and cover the entire surface with it. Let this soak for a few minutes.

If you’re trying to remove those oil slicks, then use a degreaser. Apply the degreaser to the affected areas. This also works for tire skid marks.

If there’s a rusty patch, then use soapy water and/or lemon juice. Let it sit until you see some breakup before cleaning it off.

Use Your Floor Cleaner Properly

Pressure washing is great for all sorts of flooring, especially commercial floors. However, keep in mind that this is a high-pressure tool.

Set the washer to approximately 2,500 PSI. If you have any extra nozzles, go for a 25-degree nozzle.

Every stain is different; in most cases, you want to do slow, short sweeps. Start at the gutter or wherever you plan to hose the runoff and work away from there.

If you have sidewalk cleaners, make sure to keep yourself aware of pedestrians walking by. You don’t want to accidentally soak someone when you’re not paying attention.

If you have back problems or don’t have the time for pressure washing, hire a professional to do the job. There’s a professional in your neighborhood. Check them out for a company that can clean all types of commercial floors.

Get Clean Concrete Today

Clean concrete makes your business stand out, protects your property, and is very affordable when it comes to cleaning. It only takes a few hours on a Saturday to do, and it feels great when you finish. And if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, there are professional cleaners in the business to help.

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